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It's fun. I'm having to time. All right. I'm a lot to deal with the job, huge, massive ego for here. It's hard to deal with. Yeah. I mean lot a lot to deal with you actually quite easy to deal with. All right there you go. See America very pleasant, very plus, by the way, former good dude, cowboy eagle running back DeMarco Murray is here in fifteen minutes. Live on the set. Don't go anywhere. Okay. Jimmy. Garoppolo finally, talk finally talked about his now famous date with a porn star. So let me start there now. It's funny. It used to be. It feels like to me that you steps things you could do and things you couldn't do, and we all agreed on them. Right. I do this. That's good. Do that trouble but social media now it's not cool if you go to Twitter or Facebook to have standards to have rules to have laws guy, just everybody's free to do what they want, man, everybody can be Kardashian Kardashian, just individual brand, IRS and owners of a business. They don't have to answer to anybody other than the Kardashians, but there. Are certain jobs like high school principal, CEO franchise quarterback, where you have to actually answer to people. You have teammates, you're the face of a business in the business, isn't about being cool on Instagram about memorizing playbook, making sure everybody's following you, you know, advertisers ticket holders, you're part of a big conglomeration of stuff. So Jimmy Garoppolo goes out with a porn star to a place. Got 'paparazzi swimming around in Beverly Hills. Everybody's like, oh, big, Dale. It's John. What's wrong with the porn star into that. I say, really all you dads listening. If I say your daughter ends up in porn, you cool that just drops out of college. Oh, you're not. By the way, if I right now put porn on my Twitter, the internet would implode. I'm not even hanging out with it. I just make a mistake in it ends up. I could put a mistake in picture of joy. John my dog, my kids. My family, a cuss word. Nobody cares. Put porn on my Twitter accidentally. The internet employs. Why would that be? It's just porn on the internet, social media cabbie who grandpa. It certain things in life. Don't go together toothpaste orange juice. Franchise quarterback in porn stars. They just don't go great together. Jimmy Garoppolo yesterday stood up owned it and apologized. Life is different. Now, my life off the field. I've never really been big on being very public with things. Even social media. I'm not out there on, but you know, my life's looked at differently. I'm under microscope and CASA is a good learning experience just have taken stranded as it is. Did you notice what he said? They're my life is different now. That's what he said. He didn't say, I'm different. He goes, my life is different. What's changed in his life? He's not a backup. He's a franchise quarterback. Quarterbacks always been the judgment position right now. James Winston last three years. James Winstons gotten better each year, but why are a lot of people out on James Winston? His judgment is really bad. OB. Jay was on the open market, no takers. Giants don't appear to be in any hurry to extend his contract, why his judgment. On bell wants more money, Todd Gurley got his. Why is it lady and Bill getting his money? 'cause he's not great. His judge Munt in for quarterback. It's even a bigger judgment position, and let's be honest, Jimmy Garoppolo just called the wrong audible. Here there are standards. Don't listen to the internet, things matter. Judgment matters Jimmy called the wrong audible. All right. Let me shift gears to Kevin Durant. Love this free agency stuff. These big stars talk and Kevin Durant of likes media in podcasting, and has his own goes on other people's podcasts. He was going on a podcast. You started talking about LeBron James going to the Los Angeles Lakers and here's what Kevin Durant had to say a loved it. Absolutely loved it. I thought it was a perfect decision..

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