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I want you to look at one of the teams that was involved in two of the trades in the last week or so and that's Bob Quinn. The aggressive general manager of the Detroit Lions first of all he traded a fifth round pick in two thousand nineteen to the giants and picked up Damon Harrison snacks Harrison, the excellent run stuffing defensive tackle. And he already paid dividends against Seattle on Sunday. And then again on Tuesday of this week, a trade that I think the eagles really got the better of the eagles traded a third round pick in two thousand nineteen for golden Tate. I am a big big. Golden Tate, backer. I think Philadelphia will get a lot of production out of him. But anyway, the point is Bob Quinn lions general manager, he likes making trades. Howie Roseman of the eagles likes making trades. Brian Gouda Kunst of the Green Bay Packers. He likes making trades traded time on Gumri and ha ha Clinton Dix on Tuesday. I guess my point overall is that I think that the game in the last few years has become more of a what have you done for me? Lately. Let's win this year kind of game. General managers are not the arch conservative right-wingers that they were ten fifteen twenty years ago. When I first started covering the game. Nobody traded at the deadline, and they were very rarely any good trades. And now this year, obviously ten. Been in the last half of October as teams gear up for the second half of the season. So I'm gonna come back a little bit later in the podcast to tell you about what I think of all these trades individually to sort of break them down to give you my winners and losers. But before we do that I wanna get to the other very big news of the week. Obviously saw that the Cleveland Browns on Monday fired their head coach hue Jackson who had been given some assurance in the off season. Don't were you got this year, and he actually only add half of this year. And not only did they fire Jackson, but they also fired the his offense coordinator Todd Haley, and I think there is a message in that from the owner of the Browns Jimmy has them and from the general manager of the Browns John Dorsey in the message is very very. People. Listen, we're not gonna have discord here. We're all going to be pulling in the same direction. And I think the rift between Jackson Haley, these guys are definitely not going to be on each other's Christmas card lists. And I think the rift between them Dorsey and has lem both felt was affecting the product on the field. So has lem instead of as he had indicated instead of giving huge Jackson three full years. He gives them two and a half. And you know, I hate to see Cleveland continually in this sort of cauldron of change. But it's hard to argue when hard to argue with has them when the team is under Hugh Jackson is three thirty six and one. And basically you look at that kind of record. And you say why should we keep this guy in a specially if? He is at odds with members of his staff. So that's that's sort of the Cliff's notes version of why the Browns did what they did this week. But you're gonna enjoy hearing from Joe Thomas, the former left tackle of the Browns and one of the smartest analysts a native of Ohio. And and a very very good football player. Chris Spielman now working for FOX you're gonna love to hear their thoughts on all things Browns..

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