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If the actors were eager your to move onto the next thing watching. It feels extending carefully drinking a glass of room temperature water for two and a half hours at goes down smooth and you'll leave the theater feeling full. Oh but you'll be left with a hunger for something with a hint of flavor and hours later you'll struggle muggy to remember just what it was the Gupta in the first place I'm giving four versus for two and a half maple leaves. It's a good sports movie but I do think for movie about cars and guys going against the edge. It does play it safe. The next one we're going to talk about is beautiful day in the neighborhood to go back. Bhakta unglamorous review. Hank snails Fred Rogers so delicate. It's peculiar speaking style. The folksy sing song that can almost be drawl the way the words come out slowly enough to make him CELICA Aleka Benevolent hypnotist. He really is the best part of that film. There's a reason why Tom. Hanks is viewed as one of the great actors of our time and certainly in the more lovable guys. He's the key of the. It's not a straight ahead mister. Rogers Bio pic the two time Oscar portrays Mr Rogers. But it's a timely story of kindness triumphing over cynicism based on the true story of a real life friendship chip between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Gino after jaded magazine writer winner. Matthew Rees is a sign of file Fred Rogers. He overcomes his skepticism. Learning thing about empathy kindness and decency from America's most beloved neighbors. So I wasn't crazy about that strength. Though it's different rather have seen a mister rogers actress bio-pic and find out what makes this guy tick. What was his beginnings like his child? His own child. What's it like for Mr Rogers when he was a kid? That's why would love to know the hinted the fact Mr Rogers. I had some strained relationships with his own. Sons led to low more about that. If the focus was on that but instead Marielle Heller. WHO's the director of really good director of? Can you ever forgive me which is really could move last year. They take this tack of using another character who offers a window into the soul of Mister Rogers. So it's not my favorite conceit. It's like telling pulling the story of black oppression and slavery and racism by using Willem Dafoe and Gene Hackman in Mississippi burning. It's like telling the story of the Holocaust about the Jews by telling the story through Ostrich Schindler the German guy who is exploiting them eventually as a second change of heart so I like it better when the story told from the characters right twelve years as a slave. He's the main character in this case using another guy's an entry point to that character so it's not my ideal method having said that Hank's is fantastic. Because he's not doing an imitation if his voice Mr Rogers but he nails a cadence of his voice and the fact that he was always searching for empathy and the essential goodness witness and kindness of this guy. You know that very slow deliberate delivery but it felt like Mister Rogers always unhurried pace whether speaking or looking at you he would affect you at that gays and that he was so sincere and genuine and one of the most interesting parts of the movie is when his wife. Marianne Plunkett is telling the writer. Lloyd Vogel that you know. He's not perfect but he has a temper but he deals with it by swimming every day. He plays the piano. You know. He finds outlets for his anger. And you can imagine Mr Rogers ever being angry you know. He's human like all of us but he really believes you know. He was a devout Christian. He believed that a big part of scripture was to be good to people to help others and the opening is great. You know they actually do the whole opening to Mister Rogers neighborhood Tom. Hanks just some more of the talk shows. Should it took twenty seven takes. He told Jimmy Kimmel unbelievable because he said one of the tricks. Is that Mister Rogers. Shoes were a little bit the bigger than his feet. So it's very easy to slip off so for Hank's because you know you're gonNA walk in Hangup Jacket. Put the Red Cardigan on. Go down. Put Take off the dress. Shoes running shoes toddlers up. He was twenty twenty seven takes. Its why could just ever be an actor. Goes had that kind of patience to do it. recess fine in the lead role. You know he's playing one of these writers again. You could see it coming a mile all away. He does not want every Mister Rogers. He doesn't care about this guy thinks he's boring. Christine Lahti always a welcome presence. She tells him to do a story about Mister Rogers. Four hundred awards. And that's it. And he's used to more provocative stories more cynical stuff that you can really dig his teeth into so when he meets Mr Rogers. Talk to this guy. And he doesn't like the fact that Mr Rajasa kind of turned the the tables on him he can quickly find it the fact that Lloyd has a real issue with his father and his team which is really tough to believe he actually punches dad at a wedding. The data's played by the always Terrific Academy Academy Award winner Chris Cooper and so the really the hardest movie is about the strange relationship between father and son and that has a predictable ending but hanks's performance in his role in trying to get these two similar themselves is really wonderful act. I think he's GonNa get nominee for best. Supporting actor might even win. He has been a longtime either. You're and I really thought it was a wonderful performance and it is true. You think of Hollywood's nicest actor wholesome and kindness recovery easily. But I think it's deceptive. What he's able to do with the story in some ways it's easier to be a tough guy? Beaten people op are being a really rage. Felt character in some ways it's harder to portray essential goodness but banking Z.. Wasn't Schindler's list. It's very hard to play that. But Hanks's is wonderful at doing it. There is a real knocked. The documentary won't you be my neighbor The ending of that documentary was perfect. Perfect or the the the narrator says okay think for a minute about someone who's been very close to. Who's impacting your life? What they've done for you? It's great. They replicated the movie. I didn't think it was nearly as successful successful the movies it was in the documentary. But I think both are successful. Relatively speaking I'll give a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Three Maple leafs overall like I said primarily early Franks's performance and the fact that transmit different here like. I said you're trying to tell the story of sweetness with all that's going on in the world right now at the productions Zsigmond very good showing the Mr Rodgers behind the scenes neighborhood as well. I would like more about the person himself before. We're going to Joe Rapid. Joe Have you seen either of four Ferrari or beautiful dominate. But Ernie thoughts will I take breath. I have not seen Ford versus Ferrari but I was curious about beautiful day in the neighborhood and you kind of answered my question with Tom. Hanks and whether he thinks he would get nomination nation or not but it seems like this is kind of in the same vein as you review for Judy where performance based go. See it for this actor but the rest of the movie movie isn't all the way there. Is that a fair assessment. I think absolutely. He's the best reason to watch the movie and again you go to the movies. Why for movie stars more than anything and yeah? I would agree with that much like for Judy. Judy you're watching it for Renee Zellweger for Beautiful Day in the neighborhood. You're watching it for Tom. Hanks I do think he should get nominated. And it hasn't been nominal got snuffed for Captain Phillips which is a great performance. I was shocked with you. Didn't get nominated. It's actually been a longtime coming there for Hank's who is a two Time Academy Award winner last movie to discuss before we get to some more entertainment news. That is Joe Joe Rabbit which is a movie that won the Audience Award at the Toronto Film Festival. That's a real bellwether for the Oscars if you win the audience award which the Kuban Best Picture at tiff in Toronto. Now that pretty which means you're getting a best picture nomination and a good chance of winning the best picture. Oscar Look Green Book a season ago that won the Audience Award tiff and also a film. Like the king's speech also on the board then won best picture so Joe Girardi pretty good chance to get nominated for best picture. What's it all about a lonely German boy who discovers that a single mothers mothers hiding a Jewish girl in their attic? Aided only buys imaginary friend Adolf Hitler. That's right Joe. Joe Must Confront his blind nationalism as world war continues to rage on. It's a really creative and inventive story. Sweet coming of age story it stars Roman Griffin Davis. Here is Joe Joe and you watch them. You guys really sweet boy. Very precocious is one issue issue. He's a Nazi he wants to be. A Nazi is blindly loyal to this. And this follows in the tradition of Mel Brooke's clearly poking fun at the Third Reich with springtime ringtone. For Hitler in the producers you look at obviously Roberto Baena wonderful film. Life is beautiful which I love which won the best foreign film but even that film you know when you watch it. I think it's powerful are full but you could see critics of it saying that. It's too sentimental a little bit too sweet and I could see that Chris of Joe Joe Rabbit as well at times. It enters a little bit too close to sentimentality but overall I liked it a lot. I thought TYCO at t really didn't excellent job. He's the CO writer. So I think he's got a good chance of defecating nominate because the script itself is so creative and inventive also directed it and he plays L. Fittler. He plays them for laughs. Obviously he's very kind of a broad impression of Hitler. What time does have a dark side but I thought the kid performance? This is really good. Not only Roman Griffin Davis. Thomas Mackenzie she plays Elsa of the Jews hiding and I think Scarlett Johansson is really good as well. She's Rosie. Who is Joe Joe's mom I think thinks she's a good chance? She's going to get nominated for best actress for marriage story. That's an absolute locks. You might actually win but I think she could also get known for supporting actress very rare. That happens Pacino. In Ninety two got nominee for best actor percent of women and also got over supporting actor for Glengarry Glen Ross but scars really good in the movie. She's very sweet. She is not in tune with her sons Nazism. She has some other thoughts when it comes to politics but she loves her son so much. He's obviously they're from very doting on him as well and I really am Rockwell. He is a previous Academy Award winner for three billboards. That's ebbing Missouri. He plays captain cleansing. Dorf he's a Nazi who also is not what you expect. Stephen Merchant shows up. He's really funny is dirty. Always says that oddball. We'll look at his face. You Know Ricky Jay races work you know him so I would recommend Gioja Robert..

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