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The court with five McCormick website drives to the basket lobs it up there it's that is the Auburn sports network number eleven Auburn pulled out a ninety one to ninety one over eighteen ranked LSU divine McCormick's floater with a point second left zero point one on the clock you know T. similar Dougherty had add thirty five three pointers to my twenty six points and all and he in the Tigers rallied from fourteen down in the second half to get the win he had this a postgame following that still leading victory for Auburn state is back then and they gave us an opportunity to see the body one under a lot of spring is that we wasn't James was gone under a lot of spring throughout this whole season so this gave us the opportunity to see the three more we kinda knew that come in a game we can plan for it and I'm a we we we we can't hesitate to suit this call with all but this also each player for the tremendous low remembering should that they have for you what is the chief so the the show is you walk on the score I'm sure that will be his have tried to use the word of god which is a special build.

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