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Begins the process new. The film struck a chord with robert. He found himself thinking about it constantly. Even dreaming about what it would be like to do such a thing himself. He envied the protagonist for his sense of control to overpower another human. But he knew we couldn't actually kidnap anyone and so even though he sometimes fantasized about playing out the events of the movie in his own life the idea slowly fade away instead. Robert gone with his life and tried to change it in a better way in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven. He graduated from high school and moved away from his mom and stepfather. He made his way west landing in kansas city missouri where he enrolled in the art institute in the wake of his father's death robert head quietly turned to art as a coping mechanism when religion failed to give him what he desired. Robert dove a little deeper into art. So after enrolling in the art institute he thought he might make a good art. professor roberts. Teachers were immediately. Impressed lee found him to be a talented hardworking student. It appeared that robert had founded calling. Unfortunately robert got distracted from his studies with his newfound freedom. Robert started experimenting with drugs marijuana. Lsd and fettah means the works which of course got him into trouble in early. Nineteen sixty eight nineteen year old. Robert was arrested for selling amphetamines to an undercover agent. Although he managed to avoid any jail time he didn't learn his lesson less than a month later he was arrested again. This time for possession of lsd and marijuana. He spent five days in jail but was released due to a lack of evidence after that robert kept his head down likely hoping to avoid more trouble with the law. But that didn't mean as interest in drugs waned instead it just shifted. Somehow robert got in bed that he should experiment to see how certain drugs affected animals and he decided that the best place to hold these experiments was in one of his classes. He had slowly become that guy amongst his peers. The weird disturbing student who push things way too far except robert was on a whole other level. Robert claimed everything he did was in the name of art but when he started experimenting on live animals in the classroom. His fellow students weren't having it. According to author jack rosewood. During this period roberts fantasies towards torture began to increase and he wanted to experiment for one class. He decapitated a live duck in another. He killed a chicken but the straw that broke the camel's back was when robert injected various sedatives and drugs into a dog trying to gauge. It's reactions the dog ultimately died which didn't sit too well with the school board. In december of nineteen sixty nine in the middle of his junior year. Robert was forced out at the institute. At first robert was likely ashamed of what he had done. He wished he could take it back. But then the shame reverted to anger just like it had after his father's death. He shifted the blame. It wasn't his fault that the school board didn't understand his art. The fault was. There's robert stormed away from the campus. That day unsure of where he was headed. He had no plan no home no job. He felt powerless and he hated the world for making him feel that way. It's possible that. In his anger his own fantasies of dominating and torturing another human being resurfaced. The idea of such total control would have been alluring. Just then proper didn't seem to have any control but he could change that he wouldn't be shamed or bullied any longer. He would be the one with the power coming up. Robert meets his first victim. you discover their practices. Seek their advice and let yourself become more vulnerable than ever before they have the ability to heal. What doctors can't or so they say listeners. Be sure to check out the special four part series on miracle healers airing right now on. Colts meet figures from around the world who claimed powers and pushed remedies but harboured more sinister intentions. You don't wanna miss it. And if you're looking for more episodes on the most radical deadly people in history tune into cults every tuesday as we explore the background psychology behind the world's most manipulative and mysterious groups from jim jones and the peoples temple to charles manson and the manson family juki three area nexium. You'll uncovered the unscrupulous methods used to turn bright eyed recruits into die believers. Follow the spotify original from podcast colts. Free on spotify over. Ever you get your podcasts. Now that you're firmly outside your emotional comfort zone. How about a trip outside the base jumping kenny. Mirren mountain biking or maybe just anywhere but home wherever you go. The broncos sport is built wild seven available gold modes that go over any type of terrain it also features cargo management system for all your gear interior bike racks molly straps and more. So you're never not prepared for an adventure. Broncos sport built wild learn more at ford dot com now back to the story in december of nineteen sixty nine twenty year old robert bordello was pressured to drop out of art school following multiple instances of animal torture. Art had briefly. Seemed like the perfect outlet. For the pain of roberts adolescence but as darker impulses got in the way after the expulsion. Robert pushed his anger aside once again and decided to make the most of the situation. He moved to a new neighborhood in kansas city and used his savings to buy a two and a half story home at first he mostly kept to himself. He'd offer a friendly smile or wave as he passed neighbors but mike in his school days. Robert didn't really socialize. This was a long term effect of his childhood bullying. He didn't know how to socialize with his neighbors because he had never learned those skills with other children however he did try eventually robert branched out and got involved in the community including the neighborhood watch program. He went on patrols with fellow residents keeping the streets safe. He was hardly the life of the group but he realized not everyone was as bad as schoolyard bullies and in turn his neighbors started to like him to. Robert also started to work on his career using his years of experience as a line cook. He got a job as a chef. He worked at some respectable restaurants around kansas city and built up a solid reputation within a few years. Even to chef's association so that he could train students at a local college but despite gaining success as a cook roberts true passion was still art. The art institute may have pushed him out but he didn't think his career in the field was over. There were plenty of avenues for him. To.

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