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The you know the Cavaliers obviously after lebron don't have a lot to look forward to reading is great top tag cabin the NHL SMBus Blair's social media presence with the deal with open doors open doors has players now focusing on how to generate some more images through photos through videos through streamlining through a whole bunch of other stuff and so the NHL as you know excited about the face of their own brand of Salisbury best man at the opening of the Rangers game yesterday he was very comfortable at the new season of the writers played pretty good huh yeah not bad and then power in sports about Burton snowboards they got involved with the millions of students in Houston workers from around the world in the global climate strike. what you hear everybody's trying to change the world but America Canada Europe and stuff for us out ria this weekend and the weekend before work under fifty countries organized this is sent to draw attention to the fact that we're all good enough then we're all sliding out and Burton Burton is spending some money to try to in their own way to control some issues relative to clients that climate change yeah I can't snowboard but I do have a house in the water so kudos to purchase anything Jimmy Butler is gonna do down there with the heat. I think you better pass the ball you know all eyes are on him and he doesn't he's a super star of the team with a couple other guys but if he doesn't do well but he's in serious trouble I think they're probably a five hundred team but yeah maybe they sneak into the plastic CAP does Boston they just gave him a new deal they got rid of that big guy cry baby center white side send him to Portland packing. hi I'm surprised anybody in the NBA would take them. yeah really right that that they love Spoelstra and they keep giving him deal so you got a pretty good job with very little like you'd have like Dwyane Wade and nobody else and now he's got Jimmy Butler and nobody else is around the guy you know so he'll be okay as long as it is they protect that legacy and the he needs. take a couple of you know big time guys they'll be some leans jurors into all the next superstar but we can focus on our dolphin. yeah Rick thanks a lot I got to run now the ana Brenda dental office but thanks.

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