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Ryan. How're you doing. Hey good Both the un gen seasons greetings. That's an old saying people used to say nobody says that anymore. So i'm bringing it back. We got we got seasons. Greetings all over our place that now ryan austria nobody. Nobody says it anymore. Writer always happy holidays right. They're trying to be politically correct well. Anyway seasons reading here we say. Merry christmas you my i. Just my whole goal in life is not to be next so i don't say anything that might even remotely upset somebody. Oh i don't care. I of ice beyond the point of caring i learned to To how the nag if you will at rhianna. I'm not sure how much of a movie buff yar. But the movie else does echo inch ear Christmas movie repertoire. You know what's funny okay. I'm gonna catch up this year and see them i. Finally i finally have in my hand. The christmas story a christmas story. Which i've never seen i know shoot me right. I've never seen chris. Yeah well I gotta see elf ever seen that. Either I mean and all parts of christmas vacation now the one of course i have seen is. It's a wonderful life who hasn't seen that movie right. I haven't. I haven't made it clear. It's not enough for it to register beyond the beyond the quotes from the movie that everybody knows Well i think. I know about the yellow bell rings angel gets its yes or no. I know parts of it but just from pop culture not necessarily from sitting down and watching it. Yeah and in the film scene most recently. That's kind of a christmas favorite for me. Maybe because it's cynical films bad santa. That was always a fun. Movie johansen here in phoenix arizona. Though not nothing's really consistent with With reality when when when you get into film there you know Some of the sites. If you know phoenix you'd know it but I think that that's a good are the ones that are a little bit. You know you. And i were talking off. Line ryan about Christmas music yes. We want my favorite. Christmas song was and i think gen might know what it is just because we've watched. We watched several movies at that included but be father christmas. I'll punk type of christmas cakes. Yeah and my and my favorite. We talk various It's the most wonderful time of the year about the williams classics. So that's my favorite. I try to a big fan of christmas music. I stumbled upon by chance Anna gassar apparently made a christmas album last year. And there's a song called sugar and booze. So i'm with that one. That's my favorite christmas song. Sugar and booze by anna. Gassar money that this year. Yeah so so ryan. I got a few few sports leagues out of the first of all heartbreaking loss for the raiders. I had a chance to sweep the super bowl champs and let it get away from them on sunday night. I you know i. It's been a couple of days. Have you ever recovered from that. Yeah i recovered from it. I mean i mean. I i had feeling we're gonna lose. I mean i mean. They scored a minute and forty three seconds. That's an eternity for a guy. Patrick mahomes not kid ourselves here. And the raiders. Have a have a defense. I don't know where they rank in the nfl. But you know basically giving up consistently about thirty points a game. And i was telling a good friend of mine George who lives in las vegas Diehard raider fan. And and he's he's so funny. He wants a defensive zero points. And i'm like george you know. Let's be realistic here. Okay if they if they can all the team under thirty they would've won that one that game okay. So let's be realistic and try to think about trying to hold a team to under thirty points because to me that's that's really the the demarcation line right you know what i'm saying. Jeff right if you give up thirty points or more you expect to lose unless you have a great awesome minus runs somewhere between seventeen and twenty four points. E-expect your offense to you not to go above that and if you keep your defense You know you're scoring defense in that range where you're not giving up thirty. Where you're you're you're holding them more or less to touchdowns in less than thirty you give offenses in this past happy league now. The other teams that are definite definite exceptions to it but Illustrators the they have josh jacobs and you know when they have balance in there on their passing and running game. Are they win football games. But it's all about stopping the other team and it's always been like that Out there in the afc west. You're looking at a picture of a a great oakland raider defender Probably a hall of famer. I don't know if you would consider him with this class. Charles woodson to be a first ballot hall of famer also first first time appearing on As hall of fame. Semi-finalists jared allen. Calvin johnson and peyton manning. I would definitely say charles wasn't the first hall of famer absolutely. I mean the guy was a great player for the raiders. I mean it's too bad. That he i guess. He said what a bulk of his career. Also with the packers. But i mean i i always i always really love charles woodson. I thought he was a was with a great role model. Just just a great player for the silver and black and you know he was. He was one of the last true. True oakland raider of players. You know he could hold up his hands in the big o. For oakland you know would take both his hands in form. The shape of oath so Jack chris great guy and i i hope he gets in i. I would think that him and peyton. Manning are probably shoo-ins on this first valid. But it's i mean it's some tough commpany some of the Contemporary players willie anderson clay matthews junior Sam mills steve steve tasker. I'm gonna put on a secondary tier. I i appreciate trying to get special teamers into the hall of fame but They've been so adamant about keeping kickers and punters out for so long I did they got punter in a couple of years ago for the first time but You know just just like it at this list. I think that there are a lot of names that Probably definitely need to be considered for the hall of fame Leroy baller. I believe know invented the belief. Cornelius bennett along with bruce smith on that Buffalo bills defense. I mean you know. They play defense there in addition to Supplementing jim kelly thurman thomas andre reid and that you know that dangerous two-minute minute offense but I mean not a lot of names like sit sitter unworthy on this list. John lynch obviously at a along. Great career hines word for the steelers. Much i hate to give the steelers. Praise you know highs word was a super bowl. mvp and the embodiment of that steelers offense to you know in years that they didn't have rothlisberger healthy adding years when You know in the beginning when he didn't carry the the the team the defense didn't needed a leader on that offensive side of the ball. So is words probably a guy that's going to be considered there. I think the rendezvous barber allen. Fan ika eric allan You know maybe Zach thomas jailers. Guys come up a little bit short in my book because it is. It is a hall of fame. It's not a hall of very good name. get five in a year. It's not like baseball where it's a percentage of vote. It's it's the top five. Get in neo. Paid manning definitely a first ballot hall of famer charles woodson it up first ballot hall of famer so you got three names to choose from the remaining twenty two. I think that it's going to be a challenge for the sports writers com super bowl. Weekend to make these decisions. No definitely i think are the nfl just seeing more and more of these guys off really make names for themselves as far as like Of course peyton. Manning is a household name but what i mean is you're seeing more and more of this. We're we're we're football is really really become the american pastime. I mean i know. That's what they call baseball. But i i really think. Baseball is just really going in the wrong direction. I mean we're not gonna.

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