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Thing other than solidarity. President Trump has reignited an old feud with California's new governor from on Twitter threatening to cut off FEMA funds for California because he doesn't like how the state approaches forest management. It's threat he's made before but he hasn't followed through on ABC's. Karen Travers is Trump's tweet comes two days after governor Newsom pledged to fight against what he calls the corruption and incompetence of the White House. Senator Feinstein says it's her words, absolutely shocking. Trump would possibly deny help to communities in California destroyed by wildfires. She says attacking victims is yet another low for this president Feinstein says climate change is the biggest contributor to the increased risk of wildfires. The teacher's union in LA has announced teachers will not walk off the job this week in order for clarity. And to allow members in our communities to plan. UT LA is moving the strike date to Monday January fourteenth. She says a strike can be avoided. If an agreement is reached teachers want retroactive raises and more staffing, the union says the school district and the man in charge have been spreading lies and misinformation. Andrew mollenbeck will be on with John and Ken with more. After the news. The ACLU has tried to join the fight between the city of Huntington beach and the state's sanctuary law. A judge exempted charter cities like Huntington beach last September from the law, which prevents local law enforcement from working with ice when releasing illegal immigrants. ACLU attorney Samir off med says a large Latino community in Huntington beach lives in fear because of the ruling they fear. Speaking to the police, they are less likely to go to the hospital to access resources. They're less likely to take their children to school. The court disagreed this week. So the ACLU appealed Huntington beach city attorney says the whole thing is a political ploy. Since the decision was already appealed by the state months ago in Huntington beach corporate Carson KFI news traffic.

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