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Individual contacts that were made phone calls, visits, emails and the like through OSHA. And our Department of Industrial Relations seven or Gavin Newsom says teams tried to educate but in many cases also passed out citations in an effort to protect the public. The state of California rejecting Santa Clara County is reopening plan for now County, which has been a leader in Corona virus. Precautions, applied for a regional variants that would have allowed hair salons, nail salons, gyms and other high risk business is to reopen on July 13th. Did. Officials, though, are not allowing it at this time to major fires in the South bear making the air so Smokey that an air quality advisor is being issued for that area cruise the cruise spire in Gilroy has burned 2000 acres and his 20% contained. It started yesterday off Cruise Road near Oak Spring Circle. Some homes in that area remain evacuated. Better news for the park Fire in Morgan Hill. It is under control now, with more than 340 acres burned. Near the Anderson writes of warm and a fire in Solano County at this hour, causing traffic issues. Heather has all the details. Heavy traffic into San Jose from the Chilton Auto Body Traffic desk. I'm spotting it North found on one a one between Cochran and Coyote Creek, a golf course drive. And then, of course, the crews. Fire is being fought or battled in Gilroy, so that's affecting cannot cannot a road. It is closed between Pacheco past and Gilroy Hot Springs, you'll find other closures in the area. And there was an accident. Getting into the Maze West 5 80 is under the limit from San Pablo Avenue to 80 and the east or west bound. 80 is heavy from between university and Ashby Avenue into the maze. If you are leaving San Francisco, it is heavy now on the Skyway between Seventh Street and the Bay Bridge. And Heather's report, sponsored by Mattress firm during the mattress firm Fourth of July sale. Get a King bed for a Queen Price. A queen for a twin price for savings a bit of up to $500 plus,.

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