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The top inter you're trusting at your team Does find without you and you're saying that isn't happening so instead do the other thing joined the team fight. Have a numbers advantage. Forced the issue go play mouth fight. He can force the issue very easily as an aside depending on their champion a lot of times as a tank. You should be letting the midland or sideline in the later game. Yes a lot of midlanders are very good at that examples being like yona yasuo ozead a lot of champions the lane when they hit later game have difficulty team fighting and are really good at one v wanting now. That's not always going to be the case. Sometimes you're going to be like what we have a syndrome. She's not a good side. Lehner okay then you crush said you. Force the unfair fight before their toppling arrives now. They're top leader has to tv. And you may have won the fight by the time that channel completes when you have a mid lane or who can sideline you let that dude. Go get the farm that way. Ten minutes later you'll have a super farmed yasser yona. You're useful to your team and preventing them from dying. In the meantime someone matched the enemy top leaner and that has been taken care of. Plus that guy's probably the one who would be starting the dumb fights to get your team killed. It's a milliner thing It really is general. Nowadays i'm trashing. My own generally generally speaking. If i said it last time i said i want to repeat and make sure it's make sure i'm emphasizing this for the circumstance where you're midland goes inside lanes and you're still down in a four before you don't want to force the issue anymore. You want to take unfair fights in your favor. Don't take fair fights don't take coin. Flips take fights where this one guy steps to their eighty their various steps too far forward murder him. And hey now you have a forty three. Don't take fights that are all right. I got four mantle. Let's go guys. No no no no no no no no no and also on that. Same point of if you're midlanders sidelining and like happens on so acute. Your midlander has ignite if the enemy toppling has t p. up even if that various steps forward it could still end up as a four before fight because their top leader tallow parts send it might still under be advantage if you take out one of their main carries but safe. It's like the tank year juggler steps a little bit position. If you're not going to be able to blow them up before that teepee finishes then all of a sudden you're an unfair fight that you start learning how to important and it's the reason i mentioned it is because you mentioned that you're in bronze i find this is one of the most common things that goes wrong and bronze games where people take fights. They really shouldn't be a lot of the times when you have. The the midland are being the sideline her in the late game. Your job as the tank top becomes basically being the linebacker to use a football analogy. Your job is just to be the dude preventing them from getting to the rest of your team. It's a very defensive role. You're you're spending your c to peel their champions trying to dive on your carries. You're trying to. Disengage fights more than take fights or opportunistically counter engage it. And that's i think the most important thing is like crush said you're not looking to.

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