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To be I think you guys so much for joining us we'll go ahead and transition into the signing portion of the evening so because we'll stick around to find books for you and you can find a couple of here most of them are downstairs at the bottom of the staircase we do ask that you purchase them before you get them signed you can take them to any of our registers I'm give me a minute to clear out these courts so no one trips let's give Nicolas another round of applause yes yes your okay this event took place late in October hosted by Romans bookstore in Pasadena Nicholas Bowen share of the political science department at Linfield college discussing his book the fire is upon us James Baldwin William F. Buckley and the debate over race in America here are some of the current bestselling nonfiction books according to the Wall Street journal topping the list is triggered Donald Trump juniors argument that the left is using political correctness to silence conservatives then former U. N. ambassador Nikki Haley chronicles her time serving in the trump administration in her memoir with all due respect in Sam Houston and the Alamo Avengers fox news Brian Kilmeade provides a history of America's war for Texas that's followed by Lee Smith's the plot against the president which contends that intelligence officials political operatives and the press work together to try and remove president trump from office and wrapping up our look at some of the best selling non fiction books according to the Wall Street journal is Mitch albums recount of his adoption of a Haitian child following.

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