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This huge banner I repeat do I think there was a commercial like that where everybody was being. Welcomed, in like they were LeBron James yeah, we do feel like Rockstars right now but teachers are Rockstars and everything else under the sun The program offers discounts, on homes and cars teach three when three is a. Partnership between the skillman foundation in Detroit children's fund forty eight percent of adroit worker surveyed by Robert. Half feel they're underpaid slightly more than the national average, of forty six percent of professionals who believe they're not paid enough. Amazon, regional vice president for Robert Half into Trey explains why so many employees should be. Earning more some of it is they're doing research on their own and so they're looking at what they're making. Versus, competitive market salaries also sometimes they're taking on. More work and they're not asking for any additional pay. Either so they're kind of keeping that inside and feeling frustrated that they're doing more than what they're, getting paid for. Also wages have stagnated. Of the last thirty years Acton says anyone who plans to ask Ray should do so after completing work. That, has saved their boss money or time, and hope he's feeling generous lawmakers rejected the idea and The past but governor Snyder is pushing again for environmental fee, increase program update from our Lansing bureau chief Tim's cubic the governor I floated this proposal last February and seven, months later it's exactly where it was when he started. Nowhere now with lawmakers coming back into town next week for a short session he says let's do. This thing now to raise some money to beef up, the infrastructure in our environment to do brownfield cleanup and the amount. Of, forty five million dollars solid waste management nine million dollars and having this really be. Where we should be on recycling fifteen million dollars we're way to lower at fifteen percent and our goal should. Be, to get at least to forty five percent. The fee hikes amount to about one hundred and ten. Dollars in an election year he's hoping for yes votes hoping reporting from Lansing Tim Scott w w, j NewsRadio nine fifty Don't James time is nine fifteen divers, sports Tigers in, action tonight in, the Bronx take on the Yankees and my.

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