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I think that the moon from the people that I was talking to with the bike camper, uh, potentially downcast a bit about the division of the state's David. Stay with us. We have a short Break to make her listening to live Election night coverage from KQED. I'm Scott Shaffer here with Teresa Lagos. Can we continue our election night coverage? David Binder. Sorry to cut you off there. Let me bring back in Katie, Or who is up in Sacramento and Katie. I know you've been keeping an eye on some of the Competitive congressional races. CD 21 where it's a rematch between the incumbent TJ Cox, who defeated Republican David Valid ao very last House race to be called. It was called weeks after the election. It was so close. What do you saying there? Do? We have many numbers in that district at this point? Yeah, we do have some numbers in that district. With just about 17% of the precincts reporting TJ cocks, the Democrat incumbent actually, trails David valid ao about 45% to 55% So again ah, valid ao taking at least in early on early lead in that in that race, you know this is a rematch from 2018. It was really close last time so close, in fact that valid Ao was initially declared the winner on election night. And then, then Cox would narrowly narrowly won. It includes parts of Kings County, Fresno to Larry current counties. And you know, Clinton actually carried that county in 2016, but valid. L was reelected in that election, So it just shows you how split that particular district is, and I think it could be Kind of Ah, harbinger of where the Central Valley is going as more people moving another race. We're keeping a close eye on is a congressional district 25. That was a seat. That was a pickup for Democrats two years ago, and then Katie Hill resigned. Mike Garcia Republican picked up that seat in a special election. He's running again, as he did in that special against Democrat Kristy Smith. In that seat in northeastern Los Angeles County. What do you see? So right now, Kristie Smith has a 60% of the vote to Mike Garcia's 40% again very early numbers, but so that would indicate that perhaps it might be a very competitive race. There There is. This is a more pro Trump district, the many swing swing districts in California, but Kristy Smith has been playing defense for her vote in favor. Of Assembly Bill five up here in Sacramento, which reclassified how contract workers are looked at in California, David Binder real quickly because we're getting short on time. What are you going to be keeping an eye out for in terms of the ballot measures in particular, I'm thinking, especially of prop 15, which would really change the way property taxes are calculated in California. That one seems close. Yeah, that's probably the one that we're going to be looking at most carefully for the rest of the night. I mean, one thing that is is we look at the California results right now. One of the things that we've been doing is comparing the results for president versus a ballot proposition. Should you see binds it 72. So that's Ah, high water mark that the other ballot propositions. They're not reaching at this all right? Much more to go Many, many, many more ballots to count. David Binder, Katie or Thanks so much. I'm Scott Shaffer along with Marissa Lagos. You've been Listeningto live California Election night coverage from KQED public radio and we will continue in the coming hours. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, for more election results and analysis on this public radio station It's Casey R W. And this is moments of serenity with me, Garth Trinidad The ocean is a source of solace in peace. Maybe you can't go to the beach right now. So instead We'll bring it to you. Be well. Stay tuned to Casey are double It is a 39 here at K C. R.

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