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Was almost. But I won't do it. Richard bailey. I appreciate it. Thanks for coming on. Hey, thank you mouth. I'm gonna go one. You can check out that article voices San Diego. It's time to put roads over transit again. I'm gonna read that stat. He he talked about at the beginning. They're more than fifty percent of local transportation dollars are spent to move just three point five percent of commuters. Okay. So when you go to vote if someone says, oh, no vote. No one props six because you wanna roads to be whatever they say, whatever the ballot says in there that made up. Oh, you don't like a roads. You don't like our bridges. It's gonna kill you. If you don't, you know, if we don't get these dollars realize that fifty percent of that local transportation dollars are spent should move three point five percent of people. It's just it's amazing. And I think we we sit here. And when we talk about the dollars like Richard was saying that then trawling project. In LA Hoya, which if you've driven anywhere anywhere near UT lawyer, you'll see how ridiculous that traffic is because of the backup of the trolley construction. I don't think we realize what two point two billion dollars looks like because I feel like in the government and the tax dollars. It's like just give him a couple of billion. And it's like, no that's a lot of money the school board asked for a couple of billion dollars in couldn't that be used somewhere better. Just something come up with idea. And I like Richard's idea if you if you just would use dollars to go with private organizations like he was talking about Uber lift for some reason, whatever the real, well, you know, what the reason is the government doesn't like the private organizations so smarter idea. It's a better idea than they have. They said, Nope. Can't do it. Very frustrating. One eight hundred seven sixty five three six we'll take your thoughts on that as well as Connie and Trump, you're on AM, seven sixty talking breaking news. News Jim chevette what we got coming up workers from San Diego. Red Cross had mobilized to help the victims of hurricane Michael accrue, four we're in the region before Michael came on shore. But more local crews are preparing to travel to the areas impacted by the hurricane a hoarder house in Clermont is finally being cleaned up after years of complaints from neighbours today. The city attorney's office appointed receiver to oversee the cleanup which involves boats cars, trucks, tools, and other facts. Littering the front side yards for years. A man in his sixties lived in the home. A motorcyclist was killed today. In a collision.

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