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End of CFO John Oland, 17 years and hardly plus the loss of some 700 jobs. Companywide industry analyst Mark Gardner of Bike writer dot com joins us Live on the first Midwest Bank Heartland on W. T. M. J. Mark, I guess the most interesting part of all this is that the CFO that you point out the Olin's departure may not be of his own making, and since he had been Under former CEO Mark Webber teaches and entire tenure. What do you think's going on there? Well, that that is probably the most interesting part of this whole announcement from an investor's perspective. It's just one of this mean the wording of Mr Sites is comment that you grand and the opening part of the segment here. Significant changes are necessary. We must move in the direction that that was a comment that that was associated with Mr Roland departure, so it doesn't suggest a colon. I've simply chosen this moment to retire, for example. But we don't know what Ah, what's behind this And we won't know until later this year when the rewire will be explained to us in its full form, So Harley has told us that in the fourth sometime in the fourth quarter will get a full explanation of the strategic plan. But my feeling is that that's what's going on here right now is that Harley is getting out ahead, probably off some fairly dire second order results. That's my expectation. Is that really there? This is all aimed at convincing investors that look, you know, when we announced the second quarter results don't worry. We've already taken steps. Tio changed the direction of this ship market. What point does slashing spending start to negatively affected companies kind of overall image? I mean, does eventually Harley start to feel less like the industry giant and More of a midmarket brand, and I guess more importantly than that even is does at this point. It matter where they're at. Well, that's a good question. And you know, I would. One of one of the challenges of operating a Harley Davidson is hardly David is one of the few companies that is both publicly traded. And All and only really in the motorcycle business, so it makes it hard. It makes it easy for people to look at. You know, statements like this an SEC filing an annual reports and really know what Harley's businesses, whereas, for example, BMW Their motorcycle company, but they're mostly making cars Honda, You know they make a lot of motorcycles, also mostly making cars, and they do all kinds of other things, Polaris. They make motorcycles, but they're also their business is kind of the motorcycle get kind of mixed in with the quads and a, you know a TVs and snowmobile. So Harley is like, operate out in the open in a way that other companies don't and I'm still sorry for them sometimes because of that, because we tend to pick on them. Because we can see more information about them that then we see about other companies. But I don't think Harley is it's really It's not like some hidebound old company That's got a bunch of dead wood that can be trimmed in terms of, you know, the cutting these jobs. Harley actually is a fairly lean operation already, so it's hard to know how much more you can cut before it will hurt the business, and I don't think it necessarily help Harley. In the motorcycle industry. I don't think it improves their their image that they're that they're setting jobs. Motorcycle industry analyst Mark Gardner of Bike writer dot com. Joining us live on the first Midwest Bank hotline on w. Th NGS. I remember back when Harley was owned by AMC. They were like an adjunct of that than the move to get hardly out of. That is what's being held by so many is resuscitating the brain back in the seventies, and now here they are stand alone, having issues and now Marka Harley's gonna promise us a new five year plan by years. End that on top of the rewire that they just announced any idea what that might include. Well, they're so far I would say we're really just kind of interpreting. We have to read more between the lines than what's in the lines. I mean, most of the recent statement was actually very kind of bland. Corporate speak. But I think that I expect that these references to Harley's core strength suggests that they're going to de emphasize some of the more daring parts of Matt Levitt pitches old strategy, which was called the more road strategy which was very daring and involved, you know, big move into electric motorcycles. They even started developing electric bicycles. So I think we're going to see more of a return to the you know, heavy cruisers, ah, and touring motorcycles that we don't still associate with Harley. I think they've made a reference to markets that matters at markets that matter, and that's very interesting to me because You know, the old strategy called for Harley to eventually reach 50% of revenues coming from outside the U. S. And I think to me that's critical because the U. S market is structurally weak, and there's a lot more growth potential outside the U. S. And inside us. But does markets that matter mean? We're going to stick to our knitting and try to sell more bikes into the U. S. Remains to be seen. Industry analysts. My gardener of bike writer dot com on the Harley changes, announced yesterday still live on the first Midwest Bank hotline on W TMG. Mark. Thank you so much great stuff. Always good to be with you. Thanks a lot. Carol, 28 We have breaking news out of Madison, Wisconsin Supreme Court, sidestepping a chance to rein in the governor's veto power the court this morning upholding one partial veto. The Democratic governor Tony Evers, made last year struck down three others had also declined to rule in another case, challenging partial Vito's former Republican governor Scott Walker, made in 2017. Seeing the challenge filed after he left office was too late. We'll have more on this story throughout the day on W. T. M. J. Steve's graffiti is next. 50 years of Bob Bucher brilliance of Bob, You can never really be over state law. Bucher is so special to brewers baseball because he really is brother's baseball. A great man is someone who never remind.

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