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Usually what he does is he says are going to bring you a little bit deeper for the so we can get clarity and then the the it's weird though because when he takes me deeper I don't remember a thing about what happened but afterwards I read the material and he's right if it's more clear and profile all right let's go back to the calls very in rock hill South Carolina hello my friend how are you Hey all may be monitored by listening to secure this you know we're marking Carol is not giving me Dan George but I mean there's no doubt we will we'll channel you the next time them so they'll come to actual I won't be able to handle an old Josh will be warm in Georgia where you don't want it the land the mall now and he I will say you're making Tommy's job easier I'm not sure what we're seeing here our laughter I have got some advice for mark it for now all yours nor is June how long have you been married don't turn to Carol and say Hey honey how long we've been married I gotta be honest that's just the way I am and we're going to be honest yeah no it will and that will get you to in late at night learn about floated over here are good for you you would go mark but listen I wanna get rejected all I have to say I bought it he lives in my head and my heart and my soul and this is not a good here's the cold when I call mmashare very are called in by my own learning and I spent about fifteen hours a day a lot of them out there.

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