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Is free which makes sense since the app is also free apple store for i o s version four four is available now in the app store under the apple store app apple is also updated its up clips i download bug says since the updated version two of the application was released some i've own 10 users were experiencing problems with selfie scenes for those people the scenes would not rotate properly on their iphone tan if location services are disabled in settings that's wacky and it's also now fix was version two zero one of clips that's a free app of course so as a dump date it's available now in the app store more news in the moment but first a word from square space your place on line whether you need a landing page a beautiful gallery a professional blog or an online store it's all included with your square space site you can do amazing things you need to tell people about those things that's where square space comes in because they make building a powerful and beautiful sight easier than you can imagine do you wish you knew how to sell stuff online do you wish you had a place to post your art or videos do you have an organization or physical business that needs a site a square space i can do all of that and more more to the point you can do all of that with square space i talk all the time about their beautiful templates and the dragon drop editing tools that make making those templates distinctive and unique resized stuff drop and content like forum sir maps.

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