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In the libya and shuffleboard shown any gift i wouldn't even have you bring the card with cash and you just want the cash occasionally that gets us stolen at these weddings i would have you like stealing wire me the money you i see i can say that because many times now they have the little birdhouses or they have a little box where you drop the cordon and you would sit there and think is it possible that someone would actually swipe a carter too yeah that's possible here especially when you run down the list new make sure you check off what everybody gives you all i see sally and robbed it and give us a gift for they cayman enjoyed themselves very possible their gift was stolen and that's a great excuse if you'll want to give a gift at so he can't give cashier right a scratch than a check cherry right you brotherlee al i give you you never cash the check for your wedding or i any problem i had see over the golan and then this showed up jerry for mickey callaway yesterday la eddie play the clip and then i'll attempt to explain what he meant dry humping guys is something that i feel very strongly about and it that's a lot of wear and tear that's needless furious dry humping guys dry humping guys is something that i feel very strongly about we all do he said that he was going to love and care for his players marin anyone ever has he might be the first manager to dry hump is players every game now i know joe beninga didn't know what uh the milehigh club was he has to know what that means an even if it's a baseball term well let's switch it up and not use that term withing to drive home parks that means an island notice from reid eating about it i know what hangs it out i know what it means in life but slumped the friends in baseball evidently it means getting the your relievers ready to go and then they don't get in the game it's a group pump they called i dry humbled by name is humpty dumpty pronounce with an empty they call that in baseball though jerry in in in different other areas the means of the holy different so that's actually an actual term in baseball forgetting you guys loose evidently i thought.

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