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And a friend of mine stepped in and literally walked me through making sure that everything was right where it needed to be before i did that. Someone who cared deeply for a sat down that night. And i thought through it i prayed probably the hardest i have ever prayed in my entire life was right then and there about i need the direction. I need strength. I need to know if i'm doing this properly. Should i be doing this. And i stopped and i said you know what i can't recall when i gave literally gave my voice to the lord and said please forgive me for all the sin that i have done my entire life. Please wash over me and bring me into your foal and love me and forgive me and that night next to my bed i gave every bit i could and i stopped. I didn't say a min at the end of it. Because i wanted to leave that dialogue open. I wanted to lay down. And i wanted to go but i wanted a. I really wanted to to find a peace in my heart. And i am not done that prior to this. When i woke up the next morning there is no possible way to describe the feeling of someone who thinks they're saved and then becomes sing. It's something you have to experience and have of course recommend everybody experiences because it's it's a great feeling of my life have whole new world it is a complete new world that right there really opened me up to a lot of the the emotion the heart the feeling the the awareness of of a lot of the friends that i had that point in time and that allowed me to to walk better in his path and the do things that i have done leading me to these gentlemen and in all honesty not necessarily just following god following his footprints that took me to working accuser meeting. This guy meeting this guy this guy. So it's something that i highly highly recommend that you sit back and you think about who you are where you come from. Take that to the lord talk with you often and allow him to talk to you and listen. That's the biggest thing. Listen to what he says to you and that right there has kind of been my it. That was that was my my link into the passion. that has become what i do with rewriting. The heart of a lot of the characters are adding a little spark here there but a lot of that came from that spark that i had that night and it has transformed everything i've done since. Then thank you brandon hall corey. Flynn so we're missing is providence. I think that's what we've been trying to talk about this. What's keeps coming up. I God has been very very intentional in these conversations in our lives and how we interact with each other. So for me. Brandon came into my life. Like wrecking ball. I smashed into my preconceptions on how to do life. A lot of it was starving for that community starring for that opportunity to voice. What seemed to be very strange thoughts Just because most people go all right. This is how we do life and this is the only way to do it. You come in on sunday. You do these songs. You hear these words. But i knew because of the spirit of god in new from scripture. I can't just there's too much in this word. There's too many things happening..

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