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So every single result, it seems like winning is being won by a pro, or runner up by and or most of them are pretty popular pros. Like I'm not just 'cause you're listing them every week for us for the highlights. I mean, a lot of these people who are one of these events are people that even I've heard of and I've stopped paying attention a long time ago. So I think we got our answer that smaller fields means professional victories, I think. Yeah, yeah. And it's the larger fields that the amateurs are winning. So, I mean, I don't obviously give an update on every event. There's not a compelling story there. I'm not going to waste our time on the show with it. So a lot of those are, you know, random people that have get their first cat in the first bracelet or whatever like that. So but yeah, definitely in the ten K buy ins, these 5 K ions, it's definitely career pros that are donating. But even look at the list today, Anthony zinno 1500. That's what my event was, right? Phil helmet, 1500. That was my event. Dave baker 1500. That was my event. Until you get to freed man with a ten K these guys are winning the smaller events as well. I think the pros are enjoying this kind of a field and just exploiting it. It's great. It's not great, but you know what I mean? Yeah, well certainly hell Newton's in there, we're enjoying it. Yeah. Fantastic. And then so, you know, I'm not going to say that this kind of messes up our predictions because we were both at right around 6000, right? For the flamin event. But adding two flights certainly helps, I would think. Yeah. Of course we didn't know going into that that travel restrictions were going to be east. And we don't know because that are used that that means more people are going to come. You still don't know, right?.

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