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Night, Live Taryn, Kilim, Gilmore, girls and Parenthoods, Lauren Graham, Riverdale is Camila Mendes and the Queen of comedy Tina Fey. What I love about busy is how playful and real she has she keeps it fun while telling it like it is and her skits are super bunny like she invited Tom Lenk over to recreate outfits from the people's choice words with stuff from around the house this show is unlike any other late night show out there, and it's so nice to sit down after a long day. And just hang out with busy the. Shows on four nights a week from Sunday to Wednesday on east. So it's the perfect excuse to stay in. She covers topics you care about where their own unfiltered brand of opinions and play some hilarious games with the Margarita or two. So check it out and tell your friends you're gonna be busy every Sunday through Wednesday at ten nine central only on E. It's good to be busy tonight. So and then I saw the gals from the lady gang night came over to say hi Kelty in Jack and Becca and I'd never met Becca before. Okay. Wasn't on the show. She's adorable and Jack's hair looks fabulous. It's like dark now. Beautiful. They look love seeing them. An Impala and Brittany. Were there saw that going strong? They seem to be going strong. She'll beautiful very pretty girl yet. And who else do we saw Francis Berwick or fearless leader? And well. Who else was? So it was just people from e at this event. They will. Oh, no, Connie Britton. Was there for dirty John? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Of course. I I don't know where it is. But she was also very tall. Everyone's very tall. A lot of tall people. Get thing. I wasn't there. Okay. And then so, but it was fun. And sometimes those parties are fun sometimes they're not fun. But I totally rag so Adams dot skis there, who's also he's the president. I don't know what his title is very important. But anyway Adams starts stand there. And I love Adam Gregor, we're talking whatever. And I said to Julieta, and I go what do you drink champagne? I'm like. Tried. It was so bad. I'm like Julianne limo. Shams you can't drink and Adam goes no goat ever you want. Get whatever you want the border. Laughing with Juliana like cheap e. So Jerry turns to the bartender, obviously, because we go there a lots, and they're like, no, they won't let us poor anything. Good. Oh my God. Jeez. Sorry. We really had a very good time. And they're not cheap. By the way. They rented out the entire place was hatch. Oh my God. Food lots of sushi. This was very high some joking, obviously joking. Love you, make sure you hardly Superfund. So we stayed there for a while. But we didn't eat there because we were going there the next night for Nancy's birthday. So we hung out there for I don't know. Hour and a half two hours gonna think. And then we went to offer for dinner, right? Never been. How is it? Oh, it's really good. Yeah. That's my second time there. Okay. It's good. The food's really good. Okay. I'm a little freaked out. I don't know if you'd like this part, they have this huge wall of fish. It's like if you're in a fish market, although it doesn't smell weirdly. That is weird. It doesn't smell. But it's like you could walk over and pick your fish yet. But they're steak is great. Places beautiful. It reminds me of picking olive, okay? Very light tones and big booths and trees everywhere, but it's a huge fun. Brought Serie nice. It's huge. Now. I heard the one in Newark is really good too. But I don't know. Love it was so fun. So I'm in the bathroom. And this woman comes up to me and starts talking to me and long story short. She lives in crystal cove. She lives in the same community we live in and she's building a house up in Brentwood park where we were looking for. It was just so random whatever. And then I'm walking back from the bathroom, my friend, Connie Dinsmore, sitting there who used to live in Newport Beach, and now they live they live in Atlanta. And she's got quadruplets. Holy crap. And they are in college now. Oh my God..

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