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Pittsburgh, Accuweather, John Feerick discussed on The Mike Pintek Show


So anyway, so the timing on this bad boy is sometime tomorrow morning and winter storm warnings from tomorrow ten AM until Sunday morning at ten AM with a whole variety of snow, sleet, ice rain. Minneola up to foot up to a foot and north of I eighty that's where you're gonna see a foot or more. I I heard eerie could get two feet. Eric is. Yes. Oh, John Feerick. We do have AccuWeather. This is meteorologist weren't killing it. Yeah. I know I'm sorry. I was trying to steal your thunder, John. Hello. Hello. Good afternoon. Good afternoon. How are you? Excellent. You must be slammed. Yeah. It's a little busy. It's a little bit. Yeah. No doubt. Okay. So tell us what's going on. Right. All right. So basically. We're we're going to still have today tonight to get ready. It looks like the snow breaks out tomorrow morning. I would say probably mid morning tomorrow nine to eleven AM something like that. And we'll see maybe an inch or sell of snow and then more get some mixing with sleet, freezing rain tomorrow afternoon. Maybe even playing rain, especially south of Pittsburgh. So that'll keep accumulations doubt at least for a little time. But where it's sleet, freezing rain, obviously difficult travel conditions will continue to get worse. And then battle all go back to snow tomorrow night. And by the time, it's all said and done we're talking about four to eight inches of accumulation. And certainly there will be higher amounts as you were talking about to the north of Pittsburgh by the time. It's all said and done on Sunday. And the thing that I think has some people freaked out particularly on the interstates, and such is the is the cult for this wind, isn't it supposed to be quite windy? Yeah. Absolutely. So that's gonna be a concern. Especially starting tomorrow night. We'll see the wind really pick up have blowing and drifting snow tomorrow night. And then again during the day on Sunday. And there's also obviously a problem with I mean, slush any standing water. That's got free solid if it's not removed tomorrow night and Sunday with the temperature during the day, Monday falling through the teams, right? So this could be dangerous. Really? Absolutely. It's it's gonna be a dangerous time of it really anytime from tomorrow morning right through Sunday. And then I think the thing that also caught my attention was the negative nighttime wind chills that are possible. And this is coming up for the next week or more. Well, definitely it looks like the cold shod is Sunday and Monday for the most part after that it does look like it calms down a little bit. But yeah. Sunday night Monday night or both going to be brutally cold with real field. Chapters on the order of ten below zero. It's amazing. John Ferrick with AccuWeather, so what's the deal with ice? I'm hearing we could even have an accumulation of ice. And. Yeah, that's certainly concern. I think it's a concern especially from say Pittsburgh on northward nearby to the north. That's probably where we'll see some icing issues tomorrow afternoon. I think there's more concern for that farther east across eastern, Pennsylvania. But for sure there's.

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