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All over Tampa Bain and this is the Glenn Beck program so we have we have. A fascinating Story a Monday while the president was. Giving his speech in Russia. We, were. Talking to Bill Browder now Bill Browder. Is the guy. Who's attorney Magnitsky was Was beaten and executed Murdered by Vladimir Putin He was a guy who is trying just to uncover corruption Bill. Was paying this attorney to. Do some business, over in Russia, this is a Russian attorney he found corruption and he said. I've got to expose this. As a as a Russian citizen I have to expose, this so he, brings it to, the authorities thinking that they they care well they did care but just to keep him. Shut up because the. Corruption was, coming from the highest levels. So he's taken in he's arrested he's beaten and then executed So the, Magnitsky act this, is the this is the big thing with Russia and why Trump was meeting with the. Russians in the Trump. Tower to, get the Magnitsky act repealed Bill the guy who hired mending ski the the attorney He is the, guy responsible for? That act he's the guy who said you know what I We have to do something Putin is a really bad guy and the. Only way you're going to affect him is. By affecting the income of, the oligarchs around? Him Now this. Is made him enemy number one to Putin and all of the oligarchs because our. Sanctions are based on the Magnitsky act Bill is. Targeted and he's targeted by Putin and the truly amazing thing, is that Putin hasn't gotten a hold of him yet he is tried to have him arrested in Spain Bill we. Can't even tell you where his location is but here's the. Update while we were talking about him. Monday where we're we're talking to him on Monday Putin, and Trump were talking about him in the press conference and Putin made this. Wonderful gesture of look I tell you what. I'll send over my KGB agents you send over some people that I want to. Talk to and he mentioned Bill Browder by name Now Jason betrayal is here and and, Jason is our national security guy and when we heard. That we thought well there's no way that's going to happen. Right no way no way no way Donald, Trump, yesterday we found out is actually considering. Sending? Bill Browder, to Putin, for questioning What, does that mean Jason to Bill is suppose the same. Thing basically as Magnitsky I mean that's you're delivering him up basically for the same killed. He has been called a threat to. Russian national security enemy number one to. Vladimir Putin so the context of this is crazy, they've been, going after him for years he's. Been on the INTERPOL list, six times actually detained back I think. In March. And Spain they want him so badly which is just it's just so ludicrous I don't I didn't. Even, I heard Putin say that and I didn't even think that. Was a legitimate requests I. I'm looking for a Bill to actually get on the phone apparently he's on old now I'm here yes I'm sorry we were stalling until you got on and I. Didn't, even see it Bill thank you for being on how what. Is this like for you Well let me just add one other layer of horrible, names to this, minimum let's talk about what it's like for me so Vladimir Putin, wants me any, announced that he wanted me? In that press conference in Helsinki Trump said, transcend incredible offer but then and this. Is the really. Shocking shocking more shocking part I should say is it the next day they said they wanted me and some Americans and they made. A list of Americans they also want and that list includes the people who were involved in in Washington in in congress in. The State Department of passing the Magnitsky act and it also includes special agents from the department of homeland security who are. Investigating, money-laundering immunized. States connected to the Magnitsky act so basically what Putin wants is to go. After everybody in the United States at a top level who had Something to do with causing the Magnitsky act and causing all this trouble so you had you had to have hoped that. On Monday that the president was incredible and he wasn't serious and it wasn't to happen yesterday we find out that she's still..

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