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Same tom. You also have southern cross stereo currently affiliated with ten which rights less well than seven that affiliation deal between southern causal stereo and tan also has two years left to run and they could be also serve behind the scenes dancing going on about who might affiliate with who or who might buy who said as southern cross australia. I want a regional television network. That is the big question. In the my winds guam blackley. The sea has sent a couple of signals that the company is much more interested in audio these days so in the metro markets is got to networks got hit network and scott the triple m network and then quite strong regional radio player as well and is pushing really hard into audio through its listener app as much as anything else so it says a lot of his future about audio and audio streaming as well as traditional radio and seems a lot less interest eight in the television side of the business so i think if the company could get a good price foale. It's tv stations which are all on regional side of things. It would probably move away from that said. Possibly you could end up with ten. Buying southern cross australia's regional tae business. You could find prime ending up back in seven. You mean you think there will be consolidation as we go forward. You think that's conaway. We're going down that path even if they're not the partners necessarily yeah. I think that's the big question is who the partners are. Because for instance then when you look at the international side of things yet ten being on by viacom. Cbs have they achieved the appetite to be doing more buying and then of course one of the kind of other us by sort of way dynamics when it comes to the metro tv networks in their affiliates is they quite like the relatively easy money that comes from the affiliate so if they just get fifty percent of every dollar in advertising in the affiliate rights then that's quite nice lazy money for them so it needs to be really great deal for them to actually by the affiliates in the first place so when seven tried it with prime it was actually through a merger rather than parting with any cash. Now h. t. In day own kiss in gold. That's correct isn't it. Yes how di performing i mean. They've got some pretty high rated radio stations. Yeah so hda here there. And everywhere what used to be known as apn news and media back in the day some these days very much an audio and radio company so performing very strongly in the moment market-leading stations in sydney melbourne. And doing quite well in other markets as well and phrase teeny is such a big question of just how much of a player they can be in the coming consolidations because they've had this ongoing dispute with the tax man for a few years now which goes right back to the company's tax returns since two thousand nine on what to do with when the previous company sold is interested in new zealand newspapers. So there's about one hundred and fifty million dollars at play which maybe will end up. Just in the coffers of hd in which case then the question is what to do with their or could not with the tax man depending how things go so see. You've got very much this big question. Mark of how much of a player. Ht can be until the tax issues resolved and then just to make it really complicated on the one hand news. Cope owns fifteen percent of eighteen and on the other. Hda owns about four percent of of home company. Own media right. well we've got it it. It's incredibly tied up. A lot of these major organizations really have close affiliations with each other. And what. I think is interesting. They chop and change to like their best friends for a while. But not for long war absolutely. Yes and you definitely sit with the families as well you know. Keeping track of how kerry stokes feels about the murdoch's had the murdoch's back in the day felt about the packers. Sometimes they will be bitter enemies. And and the my one gets the sense. The kerry stokes of his new proprietor. Seven west media is actually quite close to news corp but we might see some conversations there but yeah oh media nyarumbuye kathy corner. Relatively news the previously ran lachlan. Murdoch's novara entertainment radio group and our media. I guess coverage on the asx turn over for the half year and they only had half year results of by quarter of a million dollars and delivered a profit of just a little over one hundred million which was the beginning of a recovery because as an out of home company it had it much worse the most and i get the sense that we just beginning to see catholic connoisseur strategy coming through which is very much peel plight of harms digitize the billboards because then you can run more ads on them and make more money and get out of the distractions so the moment on. The block is junkie media and the youth publishing arm which was unin by our media. But i don't think we'll be for very much longer. So that will be one of those deals and defiling before you go team the online real estate companies. You think of those as media companies domain. Rei being the two big ones yelich. It's really difficult isn't it. Because they're certainly don't have the same model. So i probably when awry about them for unmade. I think about them a little bit less. But they underpin the share prices all year both news corp and of nine so both of those organizations on more than half of them and they're huge organization so you know demand the ones majority. I'm nine ten of nearly three hundred million a year market capital his own a three point two billion and then our hey is you wouldn't think of it but is actually one of the well. Auguries the biggest media company in australia with a market capitalization of more than twenty billion. I always think is interesting. It's top twenty five thirty stock and you don't think much about it but it is a lot bigger. It's malls bigger than quotas for example and some of the is that more iconic companies that you talk about. Rei some incredibly well in the last few years look really has got international exposure and overall you know when people think about local murder. Or you know rupert murdoch's sun and the sort of increasingly dominant within news co. He's made some bad decisions. Some good decisions but hey leads the investment in rei very early stage and an excellent day also that one dale in itself probably puts it in the shade or the other mistakes. He's made enough. Tim thank you for talking to fearing grade. Always a pleasure on that. was tim. Burroughs owner of major marketing industry newsletter. On made this is a fearing great daily interview. Join me every morning for the full fearing read greed. Podcast with all the business news. You need to know archana alma. Enjoy it i..

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