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Pushing some of that all leave it to until too late hide today. The tour is a contractual reasons was rice photographer and by doing it was still nobody knew when I was doing at lights about a three hour flight away from New Zealand so Away from it and that was it and so nobody way ago the tool in increasing increments prevent dome. What's and then did the welter in nauseated. Because there's a new magazine that began in Spain and which is pretty much bowl with and then logically already five in choice by to to Eklund I six CECELIA's all about and that starts a thirty year round Colombian adventure with the tool really By the bullets on the journey six. I'd also down Milan severing Su three times. And the two of Lamberti two or three times saw. It wasn't a strange country to me but it still amazing. How much The vibe the lower to the noise their suspension be lot nick sought in the streets whenever the. Jiro is coming to town and especially those days see the with class on that they tell the Pink Jersey which show was ways Jalen's love and the all by the atmosphere that just the race itself. They were just. It was just so much so much going on around it. It wasn't just the bar is was the passion. I think they talion people tools. Their national toll probably tally. His name escapes the tactile work. And what you do find is that is the rice coastal rule these cluttered villages and towns on the way when the guys to the mountains Italians take a day off work and travel up from Milano from Bolzano from Milan Venice to see the race because it means so much to them and they look nobody cares. They care back then.

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