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It's a funny thing I rode killed. So they like lady up for the winter. They brought him back and I wrote him over mama park on three quarters of a mile when he was about six five or six about six years old. So and he finished second second third. I forgot I guess they didn't like the way a road even they they took me up, and and they put shoemaker on him and shoemaker didn't like him. He was he wasn't whose type or to ride. He's kind. Of course, you had to kind of keep riding all the way, you know. And they they they put Donald pair, sewn, and then they took them off. And they put my little Valance oil, and he wrote him out the rest of his career. And then the last time we have run was highly going three cores a mile, and he he was just. Ol- stoved up. You know, how the old days you'll get yourself? Right. He finished in the middle of pack. But that was the end of him. What was your opinion of him? I guess as you mentioned he wasn't at his best that raise you had to ride him the whole way. But. He was a great horsey uh. He was probably the best long distance source. That I'd seen up to that time. Could run a mile two miles. And get some fair along zone. Great harsh. Besides horses. We've already mentioned the great horse as middle ground amber on blueprints and Kelso, Bo purple and Calcio what if a highlight reel of your life. What would that entail? The great moments the great horses. Anyone else on that list on that list? Well, secretary was great. I'd love to wrote him. You personally road. Oh that I personally road. Well, I I wrote a horse cohi- gun that beat the best horses New York best older horse three and older horses to ride him one time and a way one the citation be dome on. And the broke down ration- eight never right again. But he was a good order. And also wrote assault the last time he read. How about sword? Dean. Nice sources broke his maiden at Saratoga. And then I didn't ride him again until three year old at the derby shoemaker had to call on anybody giving a call away and he couldn't ride him. But I think it was set that. If I wrote him at a derby that that would get him in the Preakness the rest of the year, he was very close with the birches. Who own do? Trained sword dancer. I'm guessing you weren't. Hi on Bill shoemaker after that Kentucky Derby. Do what I guess that can derby Bill shoemaker wasn't your favorite person. After that Kentucky, Derby you. No that..

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