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Sale, visit home stores dot online for the Ashley store deer is due. A so glad you're with us at 1208. Traffic and weather on the 8s we start with traffic and Rick McClure. All right, Hillary, let's take around the capital bellway, not that bad right now with a few volumes slowdowns on the interloop after Connecticut avenue and again between university boulevard and I 95 and that's it for the capitol beltway at the moment. Meryl and I two 72 and from Frederick you're good, I 95 just a brief volume slowdown south through Calvert and after two 12, BW Parkway with some volume showing now north through green belt and south through fort Meade, route 50 still at speed in both directions on the bay bridge haven't worked so set up on the westbound span blocking the right lane. It's two and two, two lanes west and tulane's east across the bay. This works on a set up along route one 75 through jessup that blocks the left lane both ways between the BW Parkway and race road over to Virginia 66, moving nicely still, three 95, south after the beltway, the crash clean up is in the left lane. I 95, that's where the biggest delay is still in the southbound direction from the Springfield interchange through newington lord in parts of woodbridge and Dale City no change since our last report. We have a mobile street sweeping unit covering the right lane near route one woodbridge and police activity still along the left shoulder drawings and attention near the aqua Quan, southbound delays continue through Stafford in both the main and express. No issues reported along that stretch, heaviest volume along the northbound side is through parts of spots banging through Fredericksburg and falmouth, no issue support in the northbound direction, haven't worked so set up northbound on the GW Parkway after route one 23, few volume slowdowns left up in the right lane. You'll also find some volume slowdowns headed south from after turkey run toward route one 23. Had police activity in Citadel along northbound route 28 after I 66 and was taking the left lane. Jeffy lube service centers keep you moving from oil changes and tire rotations to filters and wipers to a full range of services visit jiffy lube D.C. dot com to a location or four location nearest you. Rick McClure, WTO traffic. All right, let's get the forecast with Samara theater. It's going to be a milder afternoon than days pass. Temperatures climb into the mid to upper 40s, mostly sunny out there. For our Wednesday, highs on Thursday will

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