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Right fair the balls check each in ads heard june our shelly denied why not a bad it follow up above it's never good story well i just think i know this is this is just like whatever this is what my supposed to go and look from olives paul to art kelley at least the perfect sierra fits in get done on the phone the it get your aging on that one r kelly has been caught on camera fun of an artistic fan outside a nightclub in la this is a clip by tmz the rally into sing one of his songs lemme felix was out in hollywood when he spotted the singer and the 27yearold was completely starstruck r kelly oubre fans is saying i believe i can fly now felix family is says it they want us sue over the video but r kelly then went onto his website to make an apology house coming from a club the other night and i was tipsy didn't seem like yeah artisan than me at all in the apologize to him if he di it but he he us pierre trump today and he was thing in my songs is everybody every thing i do is i can't sued the i can't do anything without people saying something negative about me you know is too much gas you'll let me do my work i love my fans of the gaffer supporting kale's continue to if you want to all the haters i love you could you expiring the chickens are coming on wrist it seems like his former girlfriend his alleging abuse suing now is just they're just there are a lot of allegations allott well let's let's face it uh let's face it peace do you know you you know do a problem you take a line one teenager than the rest of the reservoir and that's all they can remember yeah all right and finally nope per one all right each year people magazine put to an exclusive exhaustive search to find this sexiest sexiest man alive and this year they didn't look real far ido thay well people not happy with this one i i'm happy with it and also weighed exactly why just a second but blake shelton it has been named people sexiest ban on life i was robbed i got to say as a white guy now with greying hair i couldn't be happier with this election is a good pick yes.

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