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You can check out. Our big boards or mock drafts. It just wrote an article about my biggest draft bust biggest. Mistakes that. I've made in the draft over the past twenty years headlined by darko milicic. And you can check all of that out over. Nba big board. Dot com so dean. I want to talk about a couple of guys that you have higher than the consensus. And then we'll talk about a couple of guys that you have lower than consensus. And i want to start with a guy that has been really tough for me. Personally i i see the analytics argument Sometimes when i'm watching him play. I'm not exactly sure how the game is gonna trans translate alpern sin goon outta turkey a eighteen year old. Mvp of the turkish league which is a really really big deal. I think the analytics as far as his production in turkey at his age are off the charts. In fact. i've heard some people say you're just purely going on. Analytics is the number one. Pick in the draft but but questions about how his style of play is going to translate to the next level. Mba where do you have on your board. And what do you think about his mba prospects. Well i think one of the problems with the sangam critique of people kind of look at him as a guy who just you know. Twenty and ten. He's going to bully inside. And that's all there is to like jalil okafor but then you look at his overall stats. And he does so much more than that. I mean first of all he makes almost eighty percent of his free throws at age eighteen and he doesn't take any threes. Because you still good in the post that he he. His coach wants to play in the post. It's kind of like karl. Anthony towns kentucky. Now the karl anthony towns states threes. And you make almost forty percent of them bright so he could develop into a very good three point shooter in the nba. Also really good. Passer has a better assist turnover ratio than k. cunningham. Almost high straight escaped county game. He has a better. You'll raping kate cunningham two more blocks than jones so everybody's kind of assuming that he just kind of this slow logger just gonna get twenty and ten and be worthless otherwise it's like well he can handle a little bit pass yet sheets point four shoot He also defense might not be that bad You know he makes some plays on defense and whenever somebody has a steel rate as high as she does Scott's me stick with draymond green whether he's like he's too small he he's not gonna defend anybody. Can he slept at the second. He is when he defensive player of the year. And if you really watch the film on saint goon yes. Pretty good moments Defending defending guards. You know in the in the turkish league playoffs. He had a three possessions in a row where were forced to tough shots Too good enough to play in the nba and shane larkin. Who was a decent. Mba bench player Lightning quicken was the turkish league. Mvp a couple of years ago and you know they were trying to pick on him and twitches but they did. They just couldn't get past them. I mean other times they do get azziman for the. The idea is that he can't defend because you just switch guards on the playoffs and he gets torched while doesn't seem like that's necessarily case because he can already hang with these guys who are like an low end. Nba players at age eighteen. So you kind of look at it all like man if this guy can shoot handle impassioned defended positions it also by the way he happens to be automatic near the rim and a beast glass and have awesome hands. And you're going to be a great pick. unroll finisher. it's like well. We sure that this guy's really not just really a well rounded. Nba star is set in our pick old. So on difficult though. I don't know exactly where. I wanna rank because there are so many guys but i i'm an ad somewhere in the top five and i. I think that he's he's that guy right like that. There's so many signals that point. Okay this guy is going to be really good. And also that level of production in europe You know. I've had several people that have like really crunched. The numbers to say. It's it's almost unheard of that. A prospect that is producing that highly in europe is going to be a boston. The nba like his. His floor is going to be extremely high because just that level of production. There's just not a lot of evidence that players that have produced at that level at that age are are are not going to have a productive role the nba. And so really. We're just arguing about ceilings here. I'm with sindhu. Not not not floors. Who do you think is the best comp for single in the nba. You go through several. You go through yokich. But he he's. he's quite a bit smaller than yokich. And it's pretty tough to compare guy to guy who's mvp you talk about some bonus you talk about Kevin love who do you think. john hollinger's referred to kyle anderson Before as a as a potential comp who do you think is the best comp in your mind for what we should expect singapore. It's tough to find a perfect copycat. She's just such an outlier at everything out. See the closest is probably kevin love. He might be kevin love. Kevin love is pretty bad on defense so he might be kevin love with good defense if he's kevin love with good defense. That's just awesome. Mba a player all right. Let's like about another guy that i am much more bullish on than than most people You may even be more than me Which is scotty. Barnes out of out of florida state who i. I've made the argument if if you take you know obviously the shooting matters. And it's a big question mark for him but if you look at all this sort of other comps and who do you want to be that that big ball handling a wing in many ways. Scotty barnes grades out better than kate cunningham. With as you said the possible exception certainly the exception of him not being a great shooter and so. I'm curious what you see on a scotty barnes where you'd have have him. Yes scotty barnes is. He's also talked to exactly ring. Because it's just such a the shooting is gonna make or break him so much and if he's not that good of a shooter can still be has to be a player. You know ben. Simmons can't shoot at all he easily player but it still is. There's lot of awkwardness audit fritsch and building around head up and building around him and stuff like that but what really stands out to me is that he has the same wingspan and is an inch taller than winner but he had a better assist to turnover. Ratio is a college freshman than steve nested in four years playing for mid major santa clara. So you get to see players like that. That often where he could handle. He's not like super flashy passer but he plays under control. He doesn't make bad decisions. You doesn't force the issue when he gets a can't get to the rim at times and when he does he's like it's so he's firm to finish because he has such a ridiculous reached so Kinda like almost like the inverse of kate cunningham cunningham has the the great shot but other than that. everything's kind of a little bit dicey. scott. Barnes doesn't have the the shooting but everything else is just so solid. I see them as you know again. Definitely a top. Five guy may be top three You know there's a lot of guys in that tier but If his shooting comes around you're just gonna be really happy. You drafted him..

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