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Shot clock reset the fourteen seconds wilson chandler looks in throws it into yokich yogi jazz it inside the arc heads off behind the gary hair's eyres picked up the dribble as this past deflected with it comes out to yokich shot clock at five skipped past a wilson chandler the quarter in a step back three that one missed long rebound is out of bounds in that'll be san antonio basketball comeback the other work dobbins burr trans gets it into dejount team murray were all square forty nine varies across a time line is between the rings now left side oda bertrand's bertrand's bounce pass on the other little marcus aldridge aldridge guarded by yokich it's one on one of the eye so he spins baseline picked up the dribble can't shoot throws it out to mills he beat lyles off the dribble lay up as up it is no help from the weak side that time from dinner quickly up the floors nikkola yokich for demery's guarded by aldridge whistle at a foul on all on aldridge's yokich went baseline jubal murray going to come back yet trey lyles goes out lyles ninety minutes off the bench the first half three of six shooting six points 3 rebounds and one assist failure we go we'll barton throws it into jamal murray murray gets a high picket bob with yoga yokich just wide open from fifty feet choppers up land in a gin yokich as twelve points on five of six shooting and we're all tied up at fifty one points apiece mills puts it on the floor hasn't lost knocked out of his hands loose ball down to jamal murray very has it up the rightwing defense as backstop the key to yokich yokich is inside the arc faked dan off the vardon throws it back door passes deflected a goes out of bounds last touch by dejount murray rudy geoghegan a comeback in dobbins bertrand's comes out shock lockett twelve seconds for denver will gardening mounds at the corner we'll barton filtered into jamal murray murray brita back out over the bart inside the art she only flop offensive foul will barton his attic shelby steele ben taylor.

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