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The so called summer transfer window arsenal with this year's biggest spenders buying plays with just under one hundred and ninety million dollars joining is Pat Nevin former play for Chelsea and evident among other clubs he's now a commentator for the B. B. C. pap welcome good morning good morning last year it turned into a two horse race the rest was somewhere drift do you think the same will happen this time around very close to the same I think maybe our saloon supposed to get a little bit closer but they're not going to bridge that gap and certainly not budget with Manchester city who can have two or three injuries to some of the best players in the world that they have a goal and still be out there so you know they're going to be there and I suspect my eleven who will be the same in that very to stop hi I can start although arguably they should be the easiest thing in the season for them clear for player of the adjusters get as much as the city note once you go past the first rover thirteen and that's the difference in the two teams that still as it was last season and as the same difference in them and everyone else behind them there is a two horse race though if it turns out to be nearly the same and there's a chance that might be the same again next year at what point does interest in it begin to wait well you're talking to a school is coming here and that Celtic and Rangers in many years died in Scotland and it kept interest was Colin because you know either one or the other with when it the entrance to completely fades when there's only one going for it that's when it becomes a real problem at this to going for it most people who worked primarily glassy you have the other entrance of going for the top four for a champions league place an old well for that brings with it as well in some teams if they get the top for the celebrated like they've won the championship itself so no that is still enough and change that but at the moment the one thing that may be with that question mark against Manchester city live radio lost leroy signing for most of the season with the Christian entry if it wanted to more injuries the might have to spend more time thinking about jumping sleep because I do think that's the one the one to one that's the one that's been a with across so far me will be to use your football face the tape that I off the ball in the premier league and not make athletic legends appellate me bring in meridian in Nairobi because if there is one place where there are many places around the world be on the U. K. and Kenya mercy is one of them yes certainly I mean that really gets followed quite obsessive believe me most of the stuff occur on on much of of sub Saharan Africa but part one of the interesting things this year that will see the introduction of via our I know a lot of traditionalists worry about that that might take the sheen of some of the exact moment you know when you've done how do you how do you expect the implementation of the this is the video assistant referee system we should say Pat would you make that is right yes my attitude has been the same for the post wait for it fifteen years I've been desperate to get there soon and to get to working quite simply relate to get as many of the decisions correct as possible no there have been teething problems I was at the women's World Cup when it was used it was used correctly most of the time but it was just too slow the number of teeth and poor opens when the SO today I think we'll make it better and I would think well to the enjoyment of the game because think of the moment you know your team scores you celebrate because you cannot help celebrating but then you have to watch and wait for the V. L. deciding when the figure at the old the princely teams and they can all afford it should have giant TV screens with the friends can join in and what this V. E. R. life you will have a second celebration you will have that in the phenomenal moment so although people are used to it yet I've always been a fan of it and I think it simply will get more affect decisions right so it's a little bit like it when you're watching a game of cricket now and you sit and watch the screen at the stadium when when you will wait the third umpire you see it broadly in those terms yes ma'am I mean the the one I always go back to the NFL game you know over here in America the crackdown came same thing you know if you go to their expertise your critics does it rocked it does it tennis does it you think so I can do and it has so many documents such as the game with a pace that was so struck by those of that the other argument that the funds will be too dangerous well I don't like the way people talk thank you for both lines and say that they are not capable of dealing with that with that many things that we live over the years you can limit okay you got a minute or so the program left Murphy you want to pick a winner of the premier league this season well I I think Liverpool look very strong that I'm not I'm sure I'm not one of the biggest funds of mine city of partly because I think you know if they have such deep pockets they don't need extra support but if I could just ask but I would be remiss if I don't mention the little funds in in this part of the water tend to be in the us Nohl or United funds and you know those that glorious period in the nineties I know you're a Chelsea mine but do you ever see them getting back to have the law on an object claiming that a brief one Pat if you would very difficult much estimated that distance away however what chart for us though great savings your name the other please I think they will definitely top three well the editor this program which delighted by that is Lindsey I brought you in because I know it's not your I have no idea what you're talking about it I knew that that split thanks thank you to Lindsay for her company this morning Murphy.

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