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Effect on their business and you can attributed to specifically these things i mean it's not even the issue of tariffs and all the rest of their affecting somebody other companies certainly harley as an example of that but it's an interesting sort of a bit of a setback for that visit there's another story that came on the bloomberg and i think it was was it folks china the european union vat post trade protectionism in an apparent rebuke to the us saying unilateral actions risks pushing the world into a recession joe are you hearing more talk about the potential or possibilities of a recession feels really far out there but you know if you shock things could spiral out of control really fast so that's not to say that it's going to happen to that one is do but it is also true that people are very bad at predicting recessions historically economists and they will admit it i don't know how to do it and so that should give us a little bit of humility certainly looking to ramp it up the bloomberg by the day it is brought to you by hewlett packard enterprise introducing hp green lake it's a new way to consume it as a service visit hp dot com slash green lake to learn more quick check.

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