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Up dead man Jodi Mack I'll go directed you I'm doing really well thank you for taking my phone call you know I'm a big Yankee fans realize that should they get Madison Bumgarner he will not be a rental the yanks to one of eight teams that he can block a trade to he has to be compensated to authorize the trait so the Yankees will have to compensate map at the same time they're gonna give up on their prospects and you know I don't know if they want to do that but you know it's a negotiation they they could negotiate with the giants and say listen whatever it do you need to get mad bomb to sign off on it down to a doubt whatever the delay is out we expect you to pick it up in a giant against a world okay he lied then it's going to show in the prospect of worry as war in exchange it doesn't have to be the Yankees are going to write a check or the Yankees have to expand Madison Bob guard there and it's a it's an ongoing negotiation between three parties Madison Bumgarner the giants and the Yankees and I couldn't figure it out no absolutely in this fourteen study cannot Walker trade to NASA Dodgers DA's twins in the race Dodgers and twins are both win in their division and the Asian the razor and a massive wildcard which one likely that's where the rates might end up I don't know for sure but the bottom line is is a giant screen or do I want Madison Bumgarner traded now what do I want him to get traded to the Yankees yes because I think that might be the best shot for him to get another World Series ring and I want to see him pitching Dodger Stadium against the Dodgers at the first game and Dodger Stadium that I want that high drama personally I don't even care who the Yankees give the giants in a trade or anything I just one album to get one more shot to win a what's your age and I think it's best shot is the with the Yankees kitchen against the Dodgers makes sense so you know he's had some problems with the dodges they steer the dodges above cutting him around I know he is a giant throwing tomorrow and doesn't like the Dodgers which goes over real well well guys like you Jane fans but needed the Dodgers of kind added number this season no you're right but the Dodgers have got a lot of pitchers numbers this year yeah I mean there's the hell out of the ball but the three destiny teams in baseball probably the Dodgers the Yankees and the Astros maybe the twins out on now but do the ache you said the starting pitching staff to beat the Dodgers I think the Dodgers have a better starting pitching staff the yanks open it might be better you know you talked about earlier double pay might be exhausted by October right but I was glad to hear P. caldera say and always a pleasure Dan the day are cognizant of how much you're using their relievers that decision today all my god they're going to look up and go what did we do we blew the bold plan out on on all their well on top rated last night was a good example it they didn't bring in their three middle guy is it came lady and I to be you know and bye bye bye bye who my fear it may yeah actuarial guy whose says acting out of my mind right now Britain they were able to avoid using any of those story I've still found a way to win the game network pretty well for the excel day they get it it's a legit concern it's a legit thing to keep an eye on but it's not something that I would panic about right now fiery Yankee Charlie from Staten Island up on a fan a Charlie Jodi Mack that's me I and your classic long time listener first phone call I've been with you for ever on yeah last thirty plus years I know I know I haven't called I respect your baseball opinion I mean obviously a pedigree and everything thank you taking a look at the mat never mind what they did in the off season because that was a disaster and this is not second guessing I don't understand why did it make a play for out of the you know or Britain they didn't need canal along with given up prospects and everything else but they're talking about being in cells they have so many holes now if they sell thank you the more holes to fill and I don't have any confidence that they're going to fill the holes they have plus what they're going to need if they become Seles understood but reason why so here's yeah I here's my point there's only one guy we talking about here and that Jack Wheeler they don't have any other players to fit the mold well they can walk away at the end of the year anyway so we're going to have to fill a void either by re sign him and order and getting somebody else so we'll we're not the only one that matters when you talk about the man to quote unquote being salaries there's one name you're considering an ad Zack Wheeler anything else made to do isn't selling is in buying I don't think they're really going to do any day they just need to make a decision on Zack Wheeler and I don't know what are you working we're going to be the center fielder they're going to be the third baseman they're gonna need if they get rid of really any of us now the starting pitcher they need help in the bullpen where is it coming from I am and whatever chips we had we got rid of with this ridiculous trade for cannot which we did need to go yeah I'll I'll ask you what is the brand name going forward hello he's got a bad back I have a bad back I'm an old man one reason you could be out for a month to month right I need the problem they they yeah your name in Brandon most basket nine or a partial commitment to our well we believe the brand numbers going to pay a hundred fifty five games thank you he's going to look like the guy looks so good for us in two thousand eighteen into what did we learn anything from right understood but you got to be able to deal with I wanted to get an agent as a general manager they should always got Boris usually this guy start I think Scott Boras enjoys what he's doing too much to go over it with a car but still yeah do you think it's a coincidence all these guys we find well well well a lot of these guys and it's really easy and I know I believe you when you say there's not a second guessing you were pointing it out at the time I didn't love the can trade when it came down yes I thought okay well at D. as is the key empty eyes is every dignity supposed to be an errant above five hundred team in there trying to make a run for a while quite slash division this year they got a better shot because I got it would be as of their clothes were long he's a blown save her waiting to happen I didn't see that I don't know if you saw that I think anyone who questioned I traded to time I do at least say well as good is D. as can be the downside of could know and the potential prospect to get out build we give up is too much that's why don't I I I really don't remember getting one call saying you know this trade is an abomination because I don't think the ads are gonna be able to come over a close out game force I did get one call it said that not one and I sure as hell didn't say aid because I thought he'd just picked up right where you left off with the mariners and be one of the best closer in baseball and he's not and that is the top of the trade treaty and it just gets worse add you calm down but if you don't have the top of a right to one thing that you thought was a given and he's turned into a massive question mark any Sir Charlie was last night as a police as can be and hit after hit after hit against them yeah that's it's going to go down as one of the all time worst deals that have ever been made eight maybe will stop talking about my father during Tom Seaver if Brad this Edwin D. as straight continue Robinson Cano continues to be as bad a deal as.

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