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Other great interview. Interesting ones that you've had no hit rock with was a good one. The one that I read over going, I think, well, he, this was sort of when he was he'd gone country, but this was before the Senate run the toying with the idea of running for Senate and becoming such a right wing guy, but so it was a little people didn't really know where he stood, but this was sort of his his coming out into in that world. He's living in Alabama. I went down to thirty miles outside of Montgomery, Alabama in he had a trailer nineteen thousand dollar trailer that he was living. But he said, you know, he has the jet there too. The Ying and Yang? Yes. So he. I woke up that morning at the hotel, and it was a text from him starting at like five thirty like just coming over whenever not don't wait till gone. Have a surprise for you, and I didn't know what the surprise was. So I drove it. It was literally ten miles with nothing in the until you got to his house, and he kept talking about the surprise that we made me a sandwich, and we got on his ATV and went into the woods, and there were three pigs that he had caught in a cage me since they've been, he'd been complaining about his lamb getting torn up by by pigs, wild wild, which he kept saying are a nuisance down there. It's like it's invasive species. So so he. Shot all them in front of me. And he had his girlfriend there and she shot one of them and that he had me film the whole thing and which he played for party that he played that he had that night and everyone was freaking out and. And so he wanted he wanted that to be written about, but it caused a big uproar, animal rights and everything after that, and it was just, why would you want that? Why would he want to show you this? I think his fans are okay with that redneck eat. So yeah, he has a crew. He said, he said to me, my fans, my bread and butter are like aged forty, five to fifty five extra extra large, big girls. So he doesn't doesn't make any bones about so he he has a cruised and he was showing videos from the crews of those fans showing me who they were and trying to just get get familiar with world. I've known him for for a few years and we were touring Australia together, not on the same Bill, but at the same time we happen to be in the same hotel and I was hanging out with them. And I remember he's again, I don't really like a stray too much, and he goes, I can sell it Louisville. Why do I want to go to Australia? And that's his point like he can sell it everyone in America. Why do I need to go overseas? Nobody on Jovi. Yeah, it's like, you know, I don't need this one hundred grand that Bon jovi's playing, but my girlfriend wanted to drill you. So I took my gap poor guy with your hundred grand that Jobe gave you play a forty five minutes set in the stadium. He loves talking about his his jet. He was, I heard him on Howard Stern and he was still talking about it. And you know that that he will get rid of his Malibu mansion, but he needs to keep the jet because he like he met his girlfriend and she said, he said, can I take you to dinner? And she was a waitress and this was in Detroit. And she said, well, where we're going to go and he said Chicago. So he likes to just just with his buddies, go somewhere on one night and come back the same night. But, but anyway, that experience lasted from then until six AM the next morning nonstop. She's in every time I was with him. That's what it was like. And he's really nice guy. So dude. So it's a little bit of a conflict because he does that kind of stuff, shooting the pigs and saying, you know, just stuff you don't agree with, but but at the same time, he's he does take care of his family and take care of his of a lot of the charities around his his..

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