Iraq, Iraqi Army, Iran discussed on Monocle 24: The Globalist - Monday 10 July


This is in my opinion the beginning off another batted for iraq because it was the people that are taking part in this battle on not only that glud iraqi army but rather than what they called the pmu or pmf which are the popular mobilization units or forces what few papers have covered this angle others have missed it altogether and these are the militias that have been sponsored bait for trained by iran and their immediate faction that a bit like hezbollahinlebanon at drawing to achieve what iran wants to achieve in syria an in iraq and turned to go to city already that and city others about footage 60seldon of them and syria about tumbled 20seldon inside iraqso this actually lays the button for more sick teddy and blood for more divided iraqso this is very far from winning peace in iraq and then lose a dealer dimension of those people who have helped in in this fight against isis in a northern iraq they're the kurdsyes who obviously wants thorough own absolutely autonomy of absolutely the see the kurds are quite an interesting a and you know phenomena because old that lives have been trying to achieve a tightened indeed they deserve it nevertheless add that is also that are battles here and they're going between the militias that i just mentioned and the kurdsand indeed with the state because what what madison is doing the head of the state of kurdistan not the estate declared yet but in in in really reality this estate he's saying let's not discuss the future of kirkouk for example be one of the oil is because he is delaying battles so you walk is very very messy place it's a place that does not a you know give us hope for peace but rather of more battles and i do want to talk again about this uh this units because what they're doing they're very similar to isis in many ways as indeed that favorite way of grueling young soni is is through drills and the eyes so that that as brutal if not more brutal than their sisters a isis that terrorists an in in my opinion and what's interesting is that iran has tried and succeeded in many ways in bringing them to parliament'swe have about 20 of them in parliament already very much again like hezbollahinlebanon.

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