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Dave, dave. This is. Dave. Hey, jay. We've seen people who listen to our podcast and three members, by the way. If I were even the girls are. Jay, jay. Jay Davis bucks for me. Oh, look at me hillbilly, Jay. He's never been happier. That guy never been happier. The guy behind him up to the left a little bit is actually the juggle though. Dave, that's Dave on the list. I love hacky sack. There's a Lewis. I was how do we get together in the jugglers because we did it years ago if you smash me you and Dave together somehow make Zaka Meco. Yeah. We we did the gathering juggle is years ago. And when is the next one, I really would you do it? If we hear. It didn't go so good those guys. Like me, of course. Yeah. The band. I'm sure they do. Yeah. Those guys like you. But the gathering it doesn't matter though. They was they like me. I would fuck in love to go back and do it. Spend the night alive. I through August. If we gather jug, by the way, it's not what you say. It's it's an Ohio. They change the location. Didn't Rosa do that. Yeah. Yeah. A bit about it Same here. here. I did it twice and believe they wanted to kill the rose Rosa first one in Louis evacuation. Did it was pretty awful. Becky do bad. We all. As well. I was maybe six months in comedy. So imagine better than he is now. I always think before I was tainted by the industry, right? When you had. It makes. No, it was a stand up comedy set. We're required talking to microphone Lewis wearing a gas mask and two minutes. Gasmask J was like to do jokes in vacuum. We don't we don't just go up there and start smoking weed words couple jokes. So at least we can be set up to jokes. The can't do it. I got it. And within thirty seconds IVA wheat gas mask on. Jaren. True. Inside. Here's the thing. It was like a big big tent with a lot of seats and they were pretty full late late night. Once as morning everyone. You're talking about a drunk crowd. Forget drunk, dude. They're on every drug boss. It's really skank fest. But they don't love us. So it was like at least everyone loves us there. And they want to be there for us. But imagine everyone's there why the fuck are these comedians ruining our hypothesis the second time I did. Here's the thing. The second time I did it. I didn't feel because they did it and much smaller thing, and it was like, hey, bail seating. So it was like you were in a fuck in like a square dance place. Right. But the stage was really want to be here. They brought their own. Hey, it was the tent was far from the music, and it was just a bit of a better situation. But it's still they just indiscriminately walk up and anytime of your show and start handing you they want to. But they don't realize you're trying to middle telling a story goes. And then the girl says to me, no, sir, please. I can't I'm already high girl. Understanding the other things will throw she that you but not too early heckling you they just kind of do that and react bad. Then they saw thrown shit you like aggressively. But if you're not good like oh. Throwing Sinhala happily, but either way suite love wrong. Verbal throwing physically throw. He's throwing things at the band's. They tell you know, they threw shit at Teela tequila to actually got shit thrown at her human feces. All right pull it up kit. Sir. Does a hitter. Oh, yeah. They start chucking a bunch of shit out of her. She gets shady with the crowd, though. Right. She starts with her. Get it shitty. So they got to pull this up..

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