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Hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries. In San Francisco, I'm Ed Baxter. This is Bloomberg. All right, we are joined for the half hour by Dr Linda, g young CEO, founder of purview investments, who joins us from Harbin China, Dr John of pleasure to have you on the program. I'm curious as to what you make of President Trump saying, not only that he's personally responsible for holding up a trade deal with China, but he's going further and saying he's not going to complete it unless Beijing returns to the terms negotiated earlier in the year. Do you think that's really likely? Good morning. Thanks for having me back. I I actually just landed in Harbin from New York last night. So it's morning here. Yeah. I follow that in other Trump's tweet that a he, he tweeted that she should come to meet with him at g twenty and, and I actually I see less sign. They're more signs of a he's teen will maybe reluctant to meet with Trump on his term his trade term, because if I'm trying to side you know, they have seen Trump's agenda is beyond a economic. Beyond trade trade war. It's more about economic implicit containment, and especially with the latest sanction hallway and the creation of a list of the, the entity list. It's interesting that China last week has responded with counterpunch. They have proposed to create their own under the list, and they have started investigating FedEx shipments to highway and they ship rather than shift in China. And the also now a sanction I actually fine on Ford for sales practice in China. So this is not looking good. I don't know. Yeah. Go ahead. I just want to get a sense of how you seen both sides. How does the narrative for you differ fairly quickly? Yeah, I, I follow both China and US a size of coverage in at times. It, it seems like it's the two sides to sides. Don't see from Twi, you know, some US side at China has to right. All the, the, the agreement part of the grievance. A lot of in into into Chinese law, and we thought a guarantee of even lifting the, the twenty five percents terrorist from China set aside. And this is this is not something that is acceptable. No, what do you know agreement means on both sides had to gain? What is China's that have the game? Linda, when we continue the conversation, I'd like to get your sense know, you're just landed in China, but I wanna get your sense as to what is happening in the domestic economy. What your sense is of a lot of the eco data that we've been seeing? Dr.

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