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Ryan inbound Eisenhower ramp from e inbound Eisenhower ramp to the outbound. Dan, Ryan and the outbound Kennedy is blocked off with a crash fifty three minute ride in from three ninety Twenty-eight information Heim heavy from north avenue, the tri-state, and then from Mannheim, past Harlem, Sacramento to the Jane Byrne, because of the crash there, if you're on the Edens. Either way in nineteen minutes. Kennedy out to the airport, your travel time. It's about a thirty minute ride to the airport in 'bout an hour and six fifty three in the local lanes. The express those are at fourteen. No hair extension. Looks good is our outbound thirty two in about fifty three three ninety into downtown twenty eight in Mannheim, again heavy from north avenue, the tri-state, and then from Mannheim pass Harlem, Sacramento, the Jane Byrne with the ramp to the outbound Ryan and up on Kennedy blocked because of a crash Stevenson, outbound type from Ashland, desisto twenty four to the tri-state thirty four to three fifty five inbound forty three twenty eight in from the tri-state, heavy from three fifty five did the tri-state men, LaGrange Polaski Ryan out tonight, fifth, heavy from the skyway to the split thirty out seventeen back in take from eighteen to Jane Byrne. Fifty-seven looks good Bishop Ford, outbound, tide off the Ryan past one hundred fifteenth nineteen out lakeshore drive headed southbound, year slow from Fullerton to Chicago avenue, and then pass fifty seven to Marquette northbound heavy through grant park and approaching Chicago avenue. State south heavy from the Bentonville bridge path Ogden earlier crash involving a semi then approaching the Bishop Ford freeway northwest, Indiana, eastbound on eighty ninety four tight from the Bishop Ford Burr, traffic and weather together on the eighth, every ten minutes on News Radio seven eighty and one five point nine FM. Accuweather partly cloudy early on tonight, but clouds will be increasing.

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