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This week will bring you some of the best infocus episodes from the year so far today. An episode from february how a former mafia boss turned on his own family leading to one of the biggest trials in italy's history. I grew up in in sicily during the golden age of the sicilian mafia in the eighties. So you cool the year people sulking about mobsters being arrested or people talking about mobsters getting richer in nature you hear every day news of killings and the finger remember was it was something. You shouldn't talk about in front of people. You don't talk calpoly when mobsters are living a few hundred meters away from your house. Lorenzo tondo a journalist with the guardian has spent much of his career reporting on the italian mafia. This story has taken in north of sicily. Calabria on the beat of the mainland. It is a region of rugged mountains an old style italian villages the overlook the clearly say in of course columbia is the land of the ranga today by far the most powerful criminal group in italy and one of the regions in the world several bosses on than wrong. It leave like hermits hidden collaboration mountains. They spend ears hidden him. Bankers they built escaped on sunday their houses and hideouts in the woods for when they are on the run and while doing so they send their children to study to school so university. They started the secrets of their hike. Finance these secrets or wall street. I will say they made billions from drug trafficking and now one of those children has turned on his family triggering. One of the biggest mafia trials italy has seen in decades in the eighties in sicily. Several journalists have been killed by the mafia so when you are in cobra as a journalist sometimes you think if you should stop worrying about your life because you feel the power and the strength of this clans and you wonder if authorities can prevent them from from killing her journalist store or people you feel. Sometimes they'll more probable than the authorities now. The authorities are determined to wrestle control from the ndrangheta mafia. That has had a stranglehold on communities across italy for decades from the guardian. I'm rachel humphries. Today focus.

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