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To California, to search for the lost journal of one James Spencer and his Irish companion Michael Flynn those two journey from Boston in, the mid eighteen hundreds to pursue the mother load and the mythical lost river of gold or is it indeed a. Myth Fallon digs deeper encountering more clues that lead to threats on. His in Evangeline life but the fun of reading Bill Martin is traveling back in, time in this case to the mid eighteen hundreds in the, heat of the goal rush it's dusty dirty and dangerous not only for the gold miners but the indigenous. People and the immigrants who stand in their way these types of novels involved copious research but Bill Martin is a gift of telling a story that's fresh exciting and. It prompts many of us including me. To want. To learn more about the history. Involved the look club WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty thank you Jordan WBZ news time five twenty five the mother of Michael Brown wants to reopen the, investigation into his death her teenage son shooting death in Ferguson, Missouri by a white policeman helped spark the black lives matter movement ABC's can't Martin has the details from. Saint Louis mother Lesley McFadden made the call for a new investigation at the same time she announced she's going to run for Ferguson city council because she says it's. Time for a change the the community. And the. Police That bridge has been burnt I, want to work on rebuilding but Missouri governor Mike Parsons office rejected the request saying he has no legal, authority to do, so Kent. Martin ABC news Saint Louis WBZ news, time five twenty six actor and comedian Bill Murray is involved in a dispute with a photographer at a, Martha's Vineyard restaurant, Wednesday night According to police reports seventy one, year old Peter Simon was on assignment. Taking pictures for the Martha's Vineyard times at Lola's in oak bluffs when Murray allegedly accosted him Simon says he honestly didn't recognize Murray at first it wasn't until they separated and he, shot them in dancing that he recognized him as Murray whose acting career has included roles in Ghostbusters and groundhog day WBZ news time is five, twenty seven Jobs Man steals a plane in. Crashes Charlie Sherman will have that and the very latest in the news at five..

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