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A. T. A. R. is the phone number to call now we got a health poll question going on on my website today love to get your opinion of it goes like this if you haven't heard enough already it's about course parole virus now renamed Colby did not eighteen we try to make this stuff is complicated as confusing as possible by just putting more medical jargon and mumble jumble to it but it happens here's the question on my website at Dr Bob dot com after hearing nonstop news about corona virus are you personally concerned about it yes or no are you concerned about it are you thinking about it some people have put the brakes on their travel plans they've shut down there they're out of their list of things to do in life I E. not traveling anymore their bucket list is shut down big time people are now not able to visit their relatives for fear that they're going to contract a corona virus and economy is suffering from it it is complicated folks you might want to check out my latest Facebook post this last week about corona virus but when you look at the details sort of an update if you would I know you're sick of hearing it I'm sick of talking about it a corona virus the update about seventy six thousand people infected right now on about twenty eight countries over a thousand deaths and rising but you gotta worry less when you see numbers like this two point three percent death rate two point three percent death rate now when you hear these numbers going out you all cash it's just it's coming my way I just know it as well every year the centers for disease control and choirs light prevention and tells us that influenza the flu will the all have about nine million to forty five million cases of flu each year here in the U. S. at about twelve thousand to sixty one thousand deaths each year from the flu that according to the CDC which I think a lot of times you we see a lot of fuzzy math going on any heavy handed approach to try to motivate you to get flu vaccine so when you compare that to what we've got going on right now with a corona virus and we only see like two point one percent death rate in people who are older who are compromised their poor health or they have some chronic health problems like lung disease high blood pressure diabetes heart disease and when you think about the place where this where the epicenter is ground zero with corona virus in Wuhan China I've been to China in these large cities you can't even see the tops of the buildings in Wuhan just like many of the other cities and out of Beijing and and and Shanghai place you can't see the tops of the buildings it's so polluted their people are breathing in garbage all day long almost to the extent that it's like every single person is smoking cigarettes all day long and then you add to that the cigarettes and they don't smoke because Chinese people are some of the most prolific if smokers we wonder why there's such a high mortality rate within a certain area of the at the center of all this so it's it's it's complicated females are faring better than males as it relates to morbidity and mortality and if you got the Wuhan infection we hauled over the coals in nineteen of the corona virus if you got it this month it's better than last month because we know a lot more about it so you know I point I put on my Facebook page some things some practical things you can do nutrition you know the good old stuff wash your hands don't sneeze try to run from sick people all that to try to insure you not getting ill in the first place but nutrition is so important making sure your your body is receiving the nutrients that you otherwise don't giving your food supply because most of us don't get the appropriate amount of nutrition vitamins minerals amino acids etcetera in our food supplies we need to take a supplemental in order to hedge ourselves against the risk of getting ill in the first place in fact we're gonna be joined very shortly here by eight eight heart doctor a cardiologists local here in the Phoenix metropolitan area who's an expert on heart health cardiology is also an expert on the use of pharmacologic agents and natural agents to strengthen the body so he's going to be talking about how we can protect our health by using multi vitamins and minerals and a lot of people do do that but summer unfortunately taking all the wrong stuff and he will be here to explain what that's all about it just a little bit you might want to have something to write with and write on during this conversation this should be good now before you get any of that let's talk about our vision the engine is so important I mean think about what you can do with your vision and think about what you can't do don't try this by the way if you're driving heavy machinery a lot right now close your eyes because your eyes I mean you think about how bad it would be to lose your vision terrible a lot of people do lose their vision but it's looks slowly with the disease we call cataract in fact by age forty about half the people walking around are going to have some degree of cataract formation in one or both of their eyes it's a leading cause of blindness it is but here's the good news thanks to this medical research by this brilliant scientist who discovered almost two decades ago that you can actually stop cataracts cold and in most of the cataracts offers you can reverse cataracts using a revolutionary science based safe and effective over the counter I drop called can C. eye drops by a company by the name of wise choice medicine what is brilliant scientists figured out is that there's a special nutrient protein peptide that's deficient in the eyes of people who have cataracts and when you replace that by putting these eye drops into their eyes the eyes starts singing with joy and they get better and it stops the process that's breaking down in the lens of the rye so the cataract stops and it can bring it back if you catch it in a certain stage can C. eye drops by wise choice medicine stops amazing I use them on a regular basis and then what's interesting in the science will eventually catch up with those people who started using cancer guy drops by wide streets medicine the glaucoma pressures go down they're floaters get better they're dry eyes a rental problems even age related macular degeneration people were reporting they have sharper clearer central vision we don't know why yet but we'll.

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