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Ad there encouraging Japanese tourism to the islands. Japan and Hawaii have a long travel history, so a travel bubble does make sense. Yesterday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe gave the idea the thumbs up. Hawaii is the only U. S date to make Japan safe travel list. It would certainly give a boost to Hawaii's flagging economy. The state's taken a huge hit after tourism and travel came to a grinding halt during the pandemic, so an agreement with Japan is a step in the right direction. As of March, Hawaii had less than 2000 reported cases of Cove in 19. The only state that had fewer was Vermont. Then yesterday, Hawaii's governor, David Egan, Drop this announcement. This is the first time that we've had and seeing more than 100 cases here in Hawaii. This is a new record on we know that over the past week or so we have seen higher and higher record set and the news from Japan also not good reports, the highest covered 19 cases in the country, the majority of young people it's from nighttime entertainment, and there is a trend of infection within the family. Singapore CNN News They're reporting on a second wave of the Corona virus in Japan, Japan recorded around 1500 new infections today. That's the third straight day of record daily increases. Dude. 80 I learned this week about the recent passing of Japanese soul singer Miyako Perotta. I got the news, courtesy of a Latin music aficionado. I know and follow on social media. Pablo Iglesias, eh? D J. Bongo head. Pablo told me that Miko Hirota, or Miko, as she was known, had a multi decade career that won her fans around the world. She also was adept at singing jazz sheet and came to the U. S and sang at the Newport Jazz Festival back by Billie Taylor's trio Really cool numbers like this once you put out in 1965 with jazz legend Billy Taylor on piano. Attune Mel Torme made popular four years earlier calls. I'm coming home, Baby. Nico gave it her own words. Shall we say we didn't do this? No, Teo, do you do that, and Mika Hiro to there with some great support from Billy Taylor dozing upon the popular vocally style at the time. No words but a total groove. Pablo deejay Bongo head came across their music a few years back because he's a Latin final crate digger, obsessive in a good way. His book,.

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