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Brandon Saad, you'll risks it off the right corner boards, and this deflects into the crease and Leonard will plot bought it and hold it. Leonard old two and one is career against the Blackhawks you wash last year while a member of the Buffalo Sabres in overtime on the Gustaf force Thomas the backup goaltender for the islanders. He is never beaten the Chicago Blackhawks as well. But that doesn't matter to different team different year different coach, boy, you can see how well they play their own editor as they may have sacrificed a little bit on the offensive side of it to not a high scoring team. Same as Chicago who struggled a little bit too to have some consistency on the scoring side of it pulled average just under three or three goals a game before you could see how they come back and protect the front of the net. And that was one of the keys to the game having the traffic area taken care of. But you've gotta find shots to get through. I'll muddy passing ahead to boy. Chuck islander blue line shot a pass on the left wing in front of the Hawk's bench for Matt Martin that pass deflects up and over the glass and into the crowd. So we get a whistle. You'll face it off at center ice right over the center ice faceoff saucer about Martin back with the New York. Islanders was look Toronto. For a few years signed the big ticket. There didn't work out Toronto. Came back to the New York Islanders and put together on that fourth line. That was very effective. Don cherry said, it was the best fourth flying did hockey. It's a physical line. That's for sure hundred and fourteen hits for Martin ninety hits for clutter book. The middle cases Zico says the hardworking Centerman on a career high this season of ten goals. All already they worked the great chemistry. You're right. Great chemistry on that line. They don't they don't take any shortcuts. They work hard. They finished checks, and they decided that that is going to be the match up against the tape line of Nestle inside the hawk zone. Nakal? Try to kick the puck to a stick at the top of the left circle. Fires shot. It was blocked. You're the hawks entering the islanders. Zoned to bring it on the left wing side Senate down in behind the net. Komarov. Got it there with a pass up the right wing off del Colle stick Seabrook. Fires one from the right point blocker two away. Leonard was puck along the left wing boards. Comber off will drop it back into the near corner to Mayfield. Turns a pass up the right side off Nakal stick to the hawk blue line. Gomorrah Scott it in over the hawk line and fires from the high slot this. It's the end boards, Colin Delia. Poked it in behind the net to Keith passing up the right side, secure a hawk blue line tried to make an outlet pass that was deflected away the islanders. Now, get it back at center. Brazil over the hawk line, right circle. Drops it off the Bailey he suits. And that will stop by Delia Seabrook with a pass up the left lane to Anisimov at center ice off the stick the other way Beauvilliers into the hawk zone down the left wing zebra kid, his knees between the circles and poke checked the puck away with a nice defensive play. Forsling Senator around at the right point kulak takes the puck and fires. That's why to the hawk net. Patrick Kane for the right board. Spins the line kept in by Zell, right circle. He turns and fires shot through the crease and wide. Here's pelican point firing the puck down the boards behind the hawk net. Forsling was able to knock Beauvilliers off of it. Yours forcing with the puck along the left boards hawk zone. The Seabrook between the circles to forsling at center ice on the left wing to an ACO mafias over the islander line along the left wing side. He put the puck down in behind the net. Pelicans air to work it over to Anders Lee islander captain along the left wing boards, declares it out over the center, ice circle. Connor Murphy got Derek dark Denisa the Carl dalstrom head of the hawk line. John Hayden over the islander line down the right wing shovels. The puck down in behind the net tried to race in and get it from boy Chuck now the loose puck paddling back there. With Brock Nelson forces Nelson to give up the puck Brennan for Leany, right circle. Backing up to the ports finds Murphy. High slot shoots. That's deflects off the stick of Krueger and up off the glass. Hayden's got the puck back left corner. Dalstrom left point firing a shot Watkin front Nelson aid and took the puck back now near the right point sweeps. It down the boards in behind the net into the left wing corner. Murphy got escaped on kicking the puck down behind the net. And boy Chuck fired at around. It's kept him with a nice play by dalstrom left point too. Carlini high slot. Moves it over the right wing corner. What the play the puck. He was knocked down from behind by boy Chuck who's now standing over top with Krueger in the corner. Got back to his feet. Got the puck out to Gus us in right point to Keith left point. He'll spin it down to Pearleen down behind the islander net early tied up by Ryan Kuok. He's able to extricate himself with the puck for Leany along the right boards. Hit by Nelson leaves the puck for dominant. Go home. The line Guston deep slot. Long wrist shot just wide op pearly in east ticket in the near corner by Brock Nelson. You'll carry it up the right side of sun race and dump the puck down the boards in behind the hawk net. Delia stopping there for Eric Justice in the teams online the shift of the game for the Blackhawks. And that was out there by John Hayden Krueger and per leaning through center race crossing the islander line on the left wing a little children carrying the puck down to the corner hit there. I Scott Mayfield. Puck bounces out to quarterback of the sort goal to winners. Right letterbox lists the puck to the air to the hawk blue line. The back to take it away from Martin the past the left wing tastes at center ice. Tried to slip across the rink picked off by Leti Leti into the hawk zone outside. He was caught by Brandon Saad hawks. Get the puck back twenty five seconds left in the period. With a past came over the islander line down the right lane to the corner thrown off stride by Puna down. He went. Takes the puck extensive behind the island or net. Diletti eleven seconds left in the period. Former Hawke Nicoletti carrying up Ice Center ice Taku knock over the hawk line down the left wing to the half boards. Folks. It back to the line to lock with one last chance. And now the whistle blows on an offsides called against the islanders. One point six on the clock for period number one islanders in hawks tied at one we have passed a fifteen minute. Mark of the first period sponsored by Geico, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance special partner of the NHL longtime between whistles. Was islanders. Get the puck off the drawn kulak Susani over the center, ice circle. The puck on a stick way to hold off and was played before he could pull it back and fire. A last second shot in oncology Delia. So twenty minutes are in the books. The Blackhawks and the islanders are tied up at one folks, we can't give you the shots on goal because they're not on the board. They remain the same as they was two minutes ago, fourteen to three in favor of the New York Islanders. So the Blackhawks goal and they've got their first shot of the game. That was from Dominic Cahoon got calls. You mentioned John in two consecutive game. Six on the season. Scott the team best plus minus plus eight. For the Blackhawks but Barzel answered for the New York Islanders eleven of the season. Blackhawks traded hall of he's gotta be better their own end of the ice getting into those shooting lanes is critical Dylan strong just didn't quite have the angle is a fort. You're the first line of defense. If you've got gotta try block that shot at all costs. It ended up being a little bit of a rebound. Scrambled and bars. L knocked it out of the mid air flip side or your sauce of real good determination as far as how the islanders defended in their own net. Cahoon was on the ice. I should say the loan was signed during the summer along with Cam ward. And Brandon manning Brandon manning has been traded to the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for Drake could you hoping? We'll see sometime soon and Jason boom, boom garrison. I understand cleared waivers but cleared waivers did not go to Rockford and he's on waivers again unconditional waivers. Looks like he doesn't want to report the rocker. So if he doesn't report their his contract Boyd, he won't get paid anything if you'll be another way. Blackhawks owner rocky works in the building tonight sitting over the executive suite two left did the away. It's always good to see rocky Ben one after twenty minutes here at the NYC live arena. Always be the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum to me before we send it away Troy's got a little bit of business. Thanks, john. Everyone loves the power play. Well, your local Chevy dealers have a power play to get your attention. The two thousand nineteen Chevy equinox is built for Chicago winters shift on the goal from front wheel drive to all wheel drive or even activate tow haul mode with the going gets tough and with thirty two miles per gallon on the highway Chevy equinox gets you anywhere. You wanna go go to chevydriveschicago dot com. Check out a Chevy equinox on the road to the top. It's all about drive. All right. Thanks, but after one period one one the scar between the hawks and the islanders. Chris Boden is standing by Blackhawks central with a full intermission report. Should should also note that the miracle as I said at the beginning to broadcasters. Second worst faceoff team. In the NHL is false percentage wise, they want fifteen of nineteen draws seventy nine percent going in favor of the New York out. So Blackhawks got to be a lot better than a lot of areas. Chris Boden as a full intermission report for you. Good, folks. And then we'll be back here to Long Island is the Blackhawks in the islanders will re-engage in period. Number two. This is Blackhawks hockey on seven twenty WGN. What's not in the news stories about successful fire sprinkler activation? That's one fires are extinguished or contained before the fire department arrives in October. There were fires in school a home business and a warehouse that didn't cause serious injuries for Fidelity's. Those.

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