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Like. Okay, 'cause I'm here like. We can't go on his vacation like your book is. He's broke. Me might be even be smarter with his money. Yet. But there's a difference between being smart with your money in incapability like if you ask me. Yeah every time can we do this? I WANNA do this and they're just like. I can't do it. Then like what relationship you spend money regardless like can be in a relationship and last minute some type of money. So. You can do anything. What are we doing? Sir. Right 'cause once again is not about if to me is not about all I'm being smart with my money I'm investing I'm saving it for this. Those are all smart decision that the person that you're with should be understanding to You know that y'all should already have had that conversation that I had this financial goal. This is what I plan to do with money in this is you know what we're doing and you know some things are going to be put by the wayside. But if it's a situation where none of those things taking place, you're not investing your money you're not saving any money because you don't have any to save, and then every time that the woman wants to do something. You can't do it. Because I don't have it or she paying for you that's crazy. You broke my G. You Bro. Bro. Broke Got It. Was Great. But like as a let's look back because I be out her slander, my my fellas without flipping back to these women no women need to stop being on broke stuff too because Tyson Ed. There's a lot of women that don't have stuff together but have the highest the man's you can think of, and like I'm not accepting such such from you're not in a position to tell anybody you accept because you can't do anything. And like I respect you for having sanders but them realistic. And it it needs to be up to men to stop Turkey..

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