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If it doesn't work out lebron will just shift like he did dwayne wade. And derrick rose back. In the clinton bic cowboys will be kicking off. Preseason tonight in the hall of fame game on fox against the steelers there without dak. Prescott though cowboy's quarterback shoulder injury has kept him off to the side during training camp as a precaution head coach. Mike mccarthy told reporters quote being a little more conservative with his rehab. We just want to make sure this doesn't turn into something. Bigger lamar index press. Got your guy. Pick up where he left. Let's talk about where he left off season five games. He was leading the nfl in yards passing per game. Three seventy one. That was higher than patrick. Mahomes through for nine passing. Td's amazing head of quarterback rating of ninety nine point six. Here's the only problem in those five games. They went to and three. So when i look at this question and i answered this question. Pick up where he left off. Does he want to pick up where he left off. Maybe he wants to do better than where he left off. Maybe this is a new start in a new opportunity to be a better dak prescott. I think looking at it. From the perspective and the lens of purely a statistical category sure he was leading league and yards per game. And that's that's that's wonderful but again i don't wanna get too deep into talking about the garbage time yards that he's been able to amass. I wanna talk more more or less about what debt prescott is going to bring to the table that can actually propel this team to being a competitive team. So yes you want them to throw for the same type of yards. I think he will throw for four some high yardage now will it be the tops and the league. It doesn't have to be. Here's another interesting stat. And those first five games also you had. One ezekiel elliott ran for three hundred. Sixty four yards of five rushing touchdowns. That's an average of seventy three yards per game. That's not enough. And i think we know that that's not enough so again it comes back to. What is this offensive line going to bring to the table. Are you going to get this offense. The ability to create balance when it's running game. If ezekiel elliott can get off to a start. Aware he's averaging right around one hundred yards to over one hundred yards if you go back and you look at the stats when zeke goes over one hundred. This team is really really efficient and effective in getting victories. So this all comes down to is offensive line gonna open holes is ezekiel elliott going to be able to find that that elusive young men that we saw eating every single time. He got up from making a play. Is he going to be that guy because if those things happen the now dak prescott doesn't have to be the superhuman person that throws these ungodly amounts of numbers and stats in losing efforts. I think that finding that balance he will get his passing yards. He will be effective. I believe that that will happen for dak prescott this offense this. You think that it's going to be the balance of the running game and the ability to use your running backs and a better offense affront. That is going to be the difference. So i don't say he picks up from where he left off last year. I say he actually is a better quarterback and this is a better team coming into the first few games of the year. Yeah you stole my take lavar. Because i'm with you. He can't be as good as he was last year. He has to be better. And i know nobody's gonna throw at least at this stage for more than three hundred. Seventy one yards a game okay. But he will do that but he doesn't need to do that. You mentioned it briefly. One of the reasons he did that was because they were dowd. Big and so many games and he put up numbers of over four fifty yards three times. But he did it against bad teams defensively. Cleveland was a bad defensive team. Atlanta and seattle were among the worst in the league. I think they were the bottom two actually against the past defensively so he did against those things he didn't do it. Against the rams ramsey only put up one touchdown down to sixty six yards and before he got hurt in a game against the giants he had which was a good defense even though they were a really good team he had no touchdowns and one interceptions when he got hurt midway through the third quarter so that needs to be better and he's looked back and back back. From day one. I've loved the intangibles of raved about him even on this show winner leader. Smart intelligent can do it. Different all that. I mean hose. That gives an air rogers. That does not if he's throwing for three hundred fifty yards a game. I think that's well trouble because that means you're been down that means you're running game isn't working and with that has won. It has been the running game. Got things going kept the divas honest. Then that is capable passer. I think he has improved his passing ability to over the last few years. But still they're better off if zeke can get that thing going and now they gotta worry about zeke off tackle and that can do his thing and i think totally politics. Because i don't expect bounce back year from zeke but not to go back to getting fifteen six hundred yards in a season necessarily but they need to have that run game strong and then i think that will be smarter than ever. He throws it better ever. They got a great receiving core and so then they can win and he hasn't beaten very good teams throughout his career. He's beaten the bass quads. And i know. They have an easy schedule but he still needs to be better when they get into. Those big games to chris's point. I seven games next year. The cowboys play only one top. Ten pass defense tampa bay in the opener. But i'm gonna pause for a second and ask you guys gonna float this out loud. Do you want dak to pick up where he left off last year. Because i think that leads to a question about identity for the cowboys right everybody knows you say lavar arrington. What's his identity. All that was beasts penn state number two overall pick. That's his identity. You think jason mcintyre well guy knows. Gambling i mean i gotta ask him about where the pixar he's income bussard. What's his identity covered the nba forever nba guy. You think of the dallas cowboys. What is their identity right. Now is that. Hey zeke elliott is jerry. Jones's guy zeke elliott. You've got to feed them right. He's always asking to be fed. Are they a running team or are they. Hey wait a sec. They just gave back forty million dollars a year. They're going to be a passing team. So i don't know what the cowboys are heading into the season there are. I said earlier this week. The cowboys got ninety. Nine questions dak prescott. We know what he's going to do. He's going to be a solid quarterback probably on the fringe of the top ten. But what are the rest of the team. Where's the offensive line. Is the defense going to show up and boy wait. A couple of segments we'll be blasting that defense at lavar love. I just. I have a lot of questions about the identity of the cowboys this season. Are they gonna let their big money quarterback who got the bag. Who's got the injury. Are they gonna let him flow. Or they going to hand it. Off to zeke. With a dollop of tony pollard are they. Are they going to ride the defense. Well that's a hell no i just. I don't know what their identity is. I think we'll find out early that they're probably going to be a running team. Go back to the grounded pound to set up the past. Were there guys can win on the outside but yeah i have questions about dallas identity. Maybe we'll see some of that tonight. You know j. maxx identities put words and people's that's what j. maxx.

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