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Really local from the 24 hour news room. I'm Michael Crozier, making her way through Tarzana this morning, sat down sort of the one on one before receded. Boulevard. You direct with a jackknifed big rig and a fuel spill crews are on the scene. All lanes air actually shut down right now. What they're doing is taken all traffic off Tampa, So expect a bunch up as you approach the exit there. If you're moving through Sun Valley north pounds out of the five Glen Oaks right back in the car pool in two left lanes. Crews on the scene seeing a jam up there, and a foreclosure in Fountain Valley sat around four or five shutdown from Magnolia to brokers for a Caltrans project K If I and this guy helps get you there faster. I'm wrong in Duggan. If you have rats in your attic or walls don't make the mistake of putting out poison or wasting money with a company that charges you monthly to check rat traps. Rat proof for a one time fee. Rodent stop will identify and seal all red entry points. Wrap and remove all rats. Sanitize your attic to remove any nasty viruses and remove and replace all rat nest infested attic insulation. Rodent stop is so confident that they can stop your rat in mice problems that they provide a lifetime guarantee. Read all the five star reviews on Yelp. If you have rats or mice in your house or business, call road and stop at 808, 15 28 19 808 15 28 19 We provide fast friendly and effective rodent control solutions throughout Southern California Plus R Technicians are clean, friendly and always on time to stop the rodents. Call rodent Stop at 808 15 28 19 808 15 28 19 open 24 hours Call 808 15 28 19. So you finally had it with your old windows and doors. Well, whether they're drafty, foggy or just not functional. Replacing them is about to get easier. Is it.

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