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From NPR news in Washington, I'm korva Coleman. It's the nineteenth day of the partial federal government shutdown over the border wall. President Trump is demanding NPR's. Joel Snyder says the president will continue to push for the wall when he visits congressional Republicans later today, president will be on Capitol Hill with vice president Pence a tour to join Senate Republicans at their weekly closed-door lunch meeting later in the day. The president is to host congressional leaders from both parties at the White House, so far there has not been much movement toward a deal leading Democrats are demanding the government agencies affected by the shutdown be reopened leaving wall funding to be negotiated separately. NPR's Giles Snyder furloughed federal government workers and contract staffers will miss their first full paycheck Friday that includes the agriculture department. Farmers who are affected by the trade war are eligible to apply for federal assistance through the Ag department. But they can't because offices are shut down. The deadline is January. Fifteenth agriculture secretary Sonny Perdue is asking for the deadline to be extended. He is also asking that states pay food stamp benefits before January twentieth that so that the forty million Americans enrolled in the program have food stamp benefits for February China's foreign ministry says trade talks with a US delegation have concluded in Beijing NPR's. Rob Schmitz has more. Asian stocks jumped after trade talks were extended for an unscheduled third day fuelling hopes that the world's two largest economies may soon reach a trade deal. Putting an end to months of tariffs on each other's goods. This week's meetings are the first face-to-face talks since President Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping agreed in December to a ninety day truce to retreat word that has roiled global markets. If no deal is reached by March second Trump has said he will raise tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese imports from ten to twenty five percent in an op Ed the state run China Daily said China is keen to put an. An end towards trade dispute with the US, but will not make any unreasonable concessions. Rob Schmitz, NPR news Shanghai. The Kremlin says it does not view an American citizen arrested on espionage charges as a bargaining chip. As NPR's Lucian Kim reports ex-marine Paul Whalen was in Moscow for a wedding last month when he was detained by Russian security officers Paul also holds British citizenship. And last week the UK's foreign office warned Russia that individuals shouldn't be used as pawns speaking to reporters in Moscow Kremlin spokesman Dmitry peskov said Russia never uses people as pawns in diplomatic games after wheel and was arrested on suspicion of spying in late December. There was speculation. He might be traded for a Russian national in US custody may Maria Boutin a- Bruton has pleaded guilty to working as a Russian agent in the United States. The Kremlin deny she was on a government mission and says Putina was coerced into making a confession by US. Prosecutors Lucian Kim reporting. This is NPR and from KCRW, I'm Cheri Glazer was state and local headlines a last-ditch effort to avoid a teachers strike in LA unified schools is scheduled for today as the teacher's union plans to sit down for nother round of negotiations with district officials, but from the district to the union, even parents and students pretty much everyone is preparing for the possibility of a walkout, Alex Caputo Pearl is the president of the United teachers, Los Angeles. He put the Union's position this way an interview with KCRW's press play is it takes short amount of time of disruption to actually turn around that ten year disruption to our kids, then we'll do that the union rejected an offer from the district earlier this week which included one thousand new staff positions among other concessions, Caputo parole said that proposal was too little too late. Would end up bringing only one additional staff person per school to schools across the city, and that's just not enough to do class size reduction and full time, nurses and counselors. The USDA is tried a number of legal maneuvers to delay the walkout by at least days a judge's looking at whether the teacher's union gave the legally required ten day notice to begin to strike tomorrow. But it's unclear if there will be a ruling today if teachers do walk off the job while the first casualties of a strike would be high school sports. The school district says games would be halted during a strike. KCRW Darryl Sampson has more on that story. More than sixty percent of L. A USD coaches are not credentialed teachers, but those employees are not expected to cross a picket line and in a memo sent out to principals district officials said all city section sports. Leagues. Will pause went to strike begins practices will also be cancelled. According to the LA times. Sports affected include basketball, and soccer, L A USD says it will try to reschedule missed games bit afraid drags on that could prove impossible potentially wiping out the entire season for some young athletes. Now most. Charter schools would be able to continue playing games during a strike. But in many cases, they wouldn't have anyone to compete against. If you want to know more about the looming strike head over KCRW dot com slash ticker strike to ask your questions and follow all our coverage. The Westside pavilion shopping mall in west. Los Angeles has been mostly dark for months as it's being repurpose it into office space now Google says it's taking over most of the whole building as KCRW's Amish artsy explains the ever expanding internet, search giant Willis, nearly six hundred thousand square feet of the one Westside redevelopment. That's the planned office campus replacing the three storey mall on PICO boulevard, Google's fourteen year lease will begin. Once construction is finished, which is expected to be in two thousand twenty two. There are plans for a rooftop garden deck and a direct bridge to the landmark movie theater and shops, Google has had a presence in southern California since it opened a Santa Monica office in two thousand three it expanded to Venice's binoculars building in two thousand eleven and opened offices in the former Spurs goose hangar in Playa vista. Last october..

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