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This is the only sports talk show that features a rhode scholar. But he ain't here today now. Back direct direct tittle back directed all. Thank you for that. Had and welcome back to the show. Mattila with you go worded border around the world on the american forces radio getting back to the our pool halls thing and i remember i said on the air and i'll say it again. I had diarrhea so bad. Now i have two holes and people didn't react to ask. I thought i'd say it again. But this whole thing about oh. They're really going to be strapped. Now they got tons of cash and look if it was about money. They're going to eat this money. He's been delayed designated for assignment which means somebody can claim him. If you claim him you get the contract. No one's going to claim him so he'll be a free agent. We'll talk about in a second. If he wants to keep playing where he might go. The angels are going to have to pick up the rest of that thirty million dollars. So i mean what have. We played just over a month of baseball. You're you're looking at you. Know what twenty. Five twenty six million dollars for a guy who right now is forty one years old hidden one ninety eight. But here's the thing pool. Halls hasn't hit for four years. He'll give you an rbi here and there. He can't run. He's he's been over the hill for a while so as i said the knew that if he stayed healthy they're going to get about five or six years out of them and they did get five really good years out of our pool halls. They've just had okay so so lousy and now to a bad even beyond the team at one ninety eight they said five home runs so he's going to clear waivers but this is a guy that's going to hall of fame. He started his career as well as anybody ever did in history he's fifth all-time in home runs somewhat. Even say that he's really third. If you take out. Barry bonds. Whose first alex rodriguez who's fourth because of the royds but on the list he's v six hundred and sixty seven home runs. Could he catch a rod now. A-rod has twenty nine home runs more at six ninety six. And i've i set it at the time. If a rod stayed healthy and didn't miss out on an entire year and wasn't suspended and all the other thing he would have been the homerun king. I don't have any doubt and you think about how big pools is. A rod is almost the same size which it doesn't look like on tv. But when you. I've stood next day. Rod and i was amazed how little i felt next to that guy who was a shortstop the gold glove shortstop not jeeter. But when he came to the yankees. You think you're taken derek. Jeter over two third homes tag bows aid. You don't know the name unless you're a bay area guy or a minor league freak. Because he was one of those guys who was one of the best minor league players ever not to play in the bigs. He said his roommates always went. One of them was john. Baker three inmates went to the big he was about to get called up by the cardinals. He was a he was on team. Usa he played with mark teixeira and hobby. Here naty and those guys. Just an absolute star. Well we went to the cardinals. He had some really interesting our pool hall stories to tell but will one thing that he said about pool. Halls was the work ethic was insane. He'd say he'd be the first guy there and he'd be in the cage and he would just he said i remember tag told me that pulls would just be dripping with sweat just Bam bam just nonstop working. I remember our pool halls. His wife Dadri she told the story about how when they met that she kept it a secret that she had a kid who had down syndrome because she was so amazed our pulls liked her he was a youngster in the bigs and she said he's not gonna want me anymore and then she revealed that i tell you something and he's like yeah. I got no problem with it. That's great which made him sound almost like he was canonized. But i mean pull's is a guy who terrorise both leagues You know he was As i mentioned a rookie of the year twenty years ago This is by the way something. This is the statement from anaheim anaheim l. a. The angels organization quote gauges organization proudly signed our pool halls. Back in twenty eleven and our honor that he is warning angels jersey for nearly half of his hall of fame career. Albert's historical accomplishments both on and off the field and inspiration to athletes everywhere and his actions. Define what. It means to be a true superstar and arnie marino. At the capitalist there he continues since his rookie of the year season in two thousand and one albert and his wife deidre have generously given their time and resources to countless charities throughout the world. We are thankful to the entire pool holes family. Monday said forty one years old patent one ninety eight and this has been coming now after the he clears in the angels. Pay him twenty six million dollars to play for another team. What would be those teams. While there are some connections and the most obvious one is the tony larussa connection who managed him for all eleven of his years in saint. Louis and the white sox have been hammered with injuries with a lawyer. Jimenez lewis ro bear but the problem is pool halls camp playing the outfield and neither does the hot rookie year mean mercedes. Who is tearing the cover off the ball and his locked in at the age and jose o'brady who is one of the best first baseman in baseball american league. Mvp so i. i don't see a fit there. But don't rule out larussa who still learning the rules to bring him in the reds lost. Joey votto to broken thumb yesterday. He's gonna be out several weeks so they're going to go with a guy like alex blandino or cal farmer or mike dacas. We don't know jonathan india. Nick sends all might move around the infield. You look at cleveland at first base right. Now that jake bowers you chang. Combo is hitting one eighty nine. That's worse than pool halls. They have zero home runs together. Pull halse has five and you think about how price conscious there are. You're going to get out of pools for the major league. Minimum that to me looks like the best fit now. The yankees the yankees right now as luke void working his way back from knee injury their first baseman have combined to hit one fifty nine and they already took a low cost flyer on a bounceback candidate and rude netto door but he's not going to be d. h. She got giancarlo stanton there. Then you have the cards for an install jin reasons. They don't have a d. h. They're paul goldschmidt at first base. So let's just stop that argument right there but the most likely outcome is that he's going to have to retire and let teams have been steering these one dimensional first baseman d. h. types out to the pastor of the last few years and as i said pool holes is four years away from the last time he was good. The pedigree of the name could get him a job. But the probably. If you're a betting you're saying this is it and if it is The game he played on tuesday. He went one for four against tampa bay. His last at bat in the ninth he popped.

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