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Axes on KNBR sports leader only because I tell you it's only had different ideas about what musical sinus today so I'll be your it has a head full top you might get back what do you guys want to talk to me about where we're going musically today I think I think I do and I'm gonna roll with Tony's ideas I was excellent so here's a here's the concept okay so I have a concept to open a leap from yours at the end because okay okay yeah go ahead well you're in the land of of golf links are there lay is it links it's not it's just the golf course I don't even know the Dynaco ahead anyway there's golf carts and writers golf clubs and there's nice hats and nice polo shirts and anti if there's a bunch of teas yeah yes and there's yachts out on the out on the lake and it's summertime yeah and shout out to the one percenters and uncle ice cream and so I think it's time that we start listening to some ya rock because that's so important to enjoying a wonderful summer event like the Edgewood Tahoe classic so we're all going to pick our favorite yacht rocks on and I think we're all fans of the Michael McDonald's of the Michael Bolton's of the world and even of the cover bands like mustache harbor that it's out there so if you want to go back to the underground days ago of yeah rock and we might even pull out of their brochure all you know Hey guys but I was also think it based on Tony and Shannon's kind of excitement and I am glad you guys brought this to the air today but also your seven about the World Cup in the women's team I mean do we do we honor the ladies today as well lingering to women all time great women musicians are on April I see how much that overrides and I think they are rock yeah but here's the challenge can you go yacht rock with a woman singer flow can you yeah no problem to read out of frame without the internet soon and do it I'm I mean although three say again what remains sure the nasty nat is where you gotta turn as Mike off maybe what how did you had is Rhianna coming to the yacht rock roll what you don't think that you don't think that that counts tell me your reaction is that all the female singer re re no no no no no the Fleetwood Mac song you see how is chat a cover of self now yeah yeah so that's what I was saying no that doesn't count now what do you think Fleetwood Mac is yacht rock to most people why do you let me ask you questions do you think it's your own now yeah it does Janet do you know who appear green is do you know yes if you listen to the Peter green era Fleetwood Mac on a promise you there's not yeah they're great they were great blues band rattlesnake shake anybody trip a psychedelic stuff happen with yeah I agree actually they blow it was Peter Greenwald wrote black magic woman yes he did which was a hit by Santana but that was actually a Fleetwood Mac song I did go ahead yeah yeah well you know we could go on yeah he's he's busy with the internet he's looking he can't do it on the top of his that Cyndi Lauper time after time that raw it's not Cyndi Lauper is not yacht are you kidding oh my god Polly she's so unusual Tony I was there I I you know I do it again with this kid what you're saying that's not yacht rock singles on everyone Shannon single operas Iraq and what because it's not soft easy listening herself it is soft cheese wonderful so now I'm only has one officer lame while I'm getting can I get a a long duck dong drop in here just to restore some as I look out at the lake and I can I just get dropped in here please a lake big lake just it just for my head let and Tony listen I think to make things easier and I am there start to apply the pressure started to apply pressure I gotta go yeah so is there any way we can maybe choose one or the other to accommodate Shannon's limitation I will is because we have jumped on Shannon strained I'll let Shannon make the official call okay senator your it's in your hands body whatever I want to do would you like to do so let's go with our with great women singers let's style okay okay all right but if you guys have any talent for picking songs he'll pick something like that.

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