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Brought to you by audible free cova. Nineteen vaccines are luring visitors. To dracula's castle in transylvania by mega mcklusky romania themselves in central transylvania. This may may now have the option of getting vaccinated at a legendary location from horror history brand castle every weekend this month. The fortress that's believed to be the inspiration behind count dracula's lair and bram stoker's nineteenth century gothic novel dracula. Be home to a free covid. Nineteen vaccination center where romanians can get a fighter bio intech shot without making an appointment or as a facebook post announcing the event. Put it another kind of staying. The first of the castle's weekly vaccination marathons began on may seventh reportedly resulting in nearly four hundred people receiving a dose. From friday to sunday. We wanted to show people at different way to get the vaccine needle. Alexandru chris q. The marketing manager at brand castle told the associated press noting that people who get the shot also receive a fanged vaccine diploma and free entry to the castle's medieval torture exhibit accepted the pfizer bio intech vaccine as a two dose vaccine and was authorized for emergency use in the united states by the food and drug administration last december despite numerous requests from foreigners. Romanian residents are eligible to be jabbed at the gothic site. Preschool said the so-called vaccination marathons are part of a series of initiatives implemented by the romanian government in an effort to vaccinate five million people. By june first romania has recorded more than a million corona virus cases and over twenty nine thousand deaths since the pandemic began according to data from johns hopkins university. Brand castle did not.

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